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Enigmatic Boys – EB – Jens: Hot Summer Day


Slim sexy boy Jens romps naked on a secluded beach, showing off his deeply tanned body and long slender cock.
Enigmatic Boys: Handsome, beautiful, barely legal teen boys (18 to 22 y.o.) from Europe and the Mediterranean in high quality photos and videos.

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Japan Boyz – Kaorukun + The Cameraman

13 Japan Boyz - Kaorukun + The Cameraman

Kaorukun and Usami came in today to do a shoot. On our way into the studio from the SUV, Usami gets an urgent call and has to go leaving Kaorukun to do a solo “shoot.” After seeing Kaorukun on another site and knowing what this young man does on his web cam, we weren’t about to let him get away. During the shoot, Kaorukun fantasizes about giving the cameraman a blowjob. The poor cameraman doesn’t know what he’s missing out on. Watch and enjoy Kaorukun jerk himself off while using a vibrating dildo on his sweet tight young hole and cock. In Kaorukun’s fantasy, we get to watch our cameraman get a blowjob and cover Kaorukun’s face in cum. At least in his fantasy that is (wink).

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Life-Saving Drill Results In A Cum-Drenched Threeway

10 LifeSavingDrillResultsInAFierySpunkDrenchedThreeway

Online Video Clip: MP4
It’s obviously important that would-be firefighters know the basics of first aid, including the provision of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation; so it’s not surprising that new-boy, Kellan James, is keen to ensure that fellow novice, Alessandro Katz, is clued up on such an emergency procedure. But who to practice on? The good news is that they’ve got the company of horny French favourite, Gabriel Angel, who immediately gets commissioned to lie down on a table in order that the two boys can demonstrate their oral skills. The bad news, however, is that neither James or Katz appear that bothered about fine-tuning their life-saving skills. Instead, whilst one boy passionately smooches the young Parisian on the lips, the other heads straight for his crotch and gives some clearly much-needed resuscitation to his handsome, uncut cock.

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Slumber Party 3 Way – hx115 scene23


It was just past the stroke of midnight on a dark & spooky summer Saturday. A cute & super sexy trio of Helix hotties, Brad Chase, Grayson Lange & Jesse Montgomery had decided to spend a quiet evening in with a classic horror movie marathon. The twink trio, half naked and hormonally charged, laid smooth and snuggled together on the carpet floor. Find out what happens when this thrilling young threesome give into their primal urges and show us just exactly how they go bump in the night.

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Teens Boys World – TBW – Bryan: Red Chair – Pt. 2


TBW Studio (Teens Boys World) is coming out with a new crop of beautiful boys this year, and if you ask me, Bryan here is quite possibly the ‘cream’ of the crop. All I know for sure is, I nearly ‘creamed’ in my jeans the very first time I saw him. Can you believe the cock on this kid? Damn! And that ass! So fucking fine! (more…)

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Eurocreme – French Fuck In The Countryside

10 Eurocreme - French Fuck In The Countryside

On holiday in the middle of nowhere, there’s no one but the French house boy to keep toned young stud Zac company. A boy has needs, and so dark haired Leo drops to his knees to service his client. Lapping at his proud dick, Leo proves to be a master of his trade, and Zac swiftly moves the boy to the bed for a hard fucking. Working his beautifully sculpted young body to a hot sweat, Leo can’t believe his luck at having such a good fucker in his company. Twisted, turned and flipped over and over, Zac gives us the closest angles, letting us see his straight dick fuck into this young guy, from tip to hilt, sliding effortlessly in and out and Leo, head back and with a smile on his face, loves every moment! Zac soon pins Leo to the bed, fuck him hard as he gets closer and closer to the moment he pulls out and finishes all over the boy, who has already shot his own load!

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