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LatinBoyz – Fine Fuckable Fernie


19 year old Fernie looked like a cute innocent 19 year old twink when we first met him. And from everything he TOLD us he is. But we’re not so sure. He told us he has never had sex with a guy and that no guy has even hit on him before. We have no way of knowing whether he had sex with a guy or not but we KNOW there is no way that no guys have ever hit on him. He’s just too fucking cute. (more…)

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Cock-Hungry Dane Gets Double-Dicked

17 CockHungryDaneGetsDoubleDickedByHisTwoHornyMates

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Jaro Stone, Chris Jansen, and Enzo Sky are playfully kissing and smooching, while stripping out of their clothes. Stone does hold onto his briefs for a little while, while Jansen and Sky simultaneously feast on the fellow’s donkey-sized donger. Forget about Stone being the centre of attention in this threesome, however. It’s Jansen who’s very much the centrepiece of proceedings here; with his two buddies first fingering his pert little arse-hole, then taking it in turns to slam into his rear. Given how new the blond fellow is to the scene you might be somewhat taken aback at just how responsive he is to the anal assault.

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Bare Twinks – Talented Taylor Takes A Raw Load


Fit new boy Taylor Tyce shows off some great skills and his hunger for raw young cock in this awesome session with lucky boy Connor Jacobs. The boys are making out and groping for dick, sharing their solid tools with each other as they lick and suck longingly. The deep throating Taylor delivers is immense, but his ass is just as hungry for that solid young cock.
He takes it deep, riding and then hanging over the edge of the couch before Connor finally decorates his smooth hole with his load and fucks it right into his wet opening! It’s enough to have Taylor needing to bust his own mess out in no time, and of course Connor is there to lap up the sticky mess!

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Something in Mind – hx114 scene34


Grayson Lange & Sam Truitt are two strapping, red-blooded boys who, like most of us, occasionally get riled up & downright randy after a long dry spell. The attraction is instant and the two twinks share a mutual urge to find the nearest place, or in this case, tree available. After a brief embrace, Grayson drops to his knees to service Sam and his long, half hard cock. Sam is beyond pleased by the opening suck session and pulls up the sexy stranger to check out his backside. By now it’s clear that this is a meeting that deserves a more comfortable setting to slip into. Once inside Grayson’s apartment, the clothes begin to come off as the two engage in some hot & heavy flip-sucking before Sam’s craving for booty takes over and he buries his tongue into his new friend’s perfect little behind. He devours the delicious derriere before young Grayson can no longer wait and turns to the big boy to make his needs known. Don’t miss a minute of this beautiful & exciting bareback booty call and find out just exactly what these two hot & horny hotties have in mind.

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CockyBoys – Caleb King Fucks Mickey Taylor!


It’s always interesting when a new CockyBoy like Mickey Taylor does his first few scenes with us. It’s like he’s at the buffet for the first time, trying out different guys and receiving a unique experience each time. One thing’s for sure — he certainly wasn’t expecting the wild pounding he got from Caleb King!
In a lot of ways, Mickey and Caleb are opposites. Mickey’s got an inked up and pierced body with a very sensitive and passionate personality, while Caleb looks like a relatively clean cut boy-next-door but is actually an extremely rough and aggressive top! It’s safe to say both Mickey and Caleb were in for quite a few surprises…
Mickey was in heaven as he sucked Caleb’s thick cock, and was even happier when Caleb returned the favor. But that quickly shifted into Caleb rimming him and then pounding him ass up before he had a chance to catch his breath! Caleb then flipped Mickey on his back and fucked him some more before shooting a huge load on his lower back.

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FrenchTwinks – Join me in the shower

Jules, a young and beautiful 18 year old boy, is masturbating in the shower. Edouard, a horny beast who lurks around the house on the lookout for a tight young ass to fuck. He soon finds what he’s looking for. Edouard surprises the erect Jules who is in the shower and joins him.
The two boys fondle each other; they kiss and suck under the hot water before Edouard takes Jules’ pretty smooth and firm ass.
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