Sexy Nude Boys Beating-Off, Sucking Cocks, and Fucking (often Bareback)!

Staxus – It’s Shaken Not Stirred For This Cock-Loving Soccer Slut!



Most of us would surely baulk at the prospect of having our mixer-drink stirred by a guy’s cock, but Connor Rex – fresh from playing soccer with his buddy, Vitali Kutcher – is clearly ready and willing to be the exception. Of course, the fact that the oversized stirring-stick in question belongs to a guy like Kutcher is surely good enough reason to go along with the fun; and Rex compliments the high-natured jinks by donning his mate’s dick with a selection of lemon-slices for good measure. It all makes for a fine-spirited aperitif for the hard-natured action that we all know is just around the corner; and suffice it to say that both horny strikers are soon on top notch form, with Rex gobbling down on Kutcher’s cock and Kutcher knocking his mate’s legs into the air so that he can greedily rim on the pretty little rosebud now proudly on display. (more…)

Helix Studios – AM Flip Fuck – hx115-scene22


Each morning, in towns & villages all across America , people wake up in the morning to the familiar sound of a rooster crowing. For Max Carter & Justin Owen, the beast that stirs in the early waking hours is an entirely different kind of cock and is often greeted with a far, if not entirely different reaction. Watch as these two young & chiseled early birds get up & at each other and give new meaning to the term ”crack of dawn”.

Freshmen #134: Greg Simmons & Andre Boleyn


Perhaps seeing these gorgeous up-and-comers is forcing our original Angels to reminisce about hotties past and present. Andre’s new friend, Greg Simmons, reminds him of Dario Dolce. We were sceptical of the comparison at first, but Greg is certainly Fresh and thus belongs in this edition of Fresh and Kinky. Our scepticism of the comparison between Greg and Dolce was reduced when the scene started. (more…)

8teenBoy – Trevor the Top – hx126-scene51


Hot and horny, Lucas Burke and Trevor Harris hurry to the bedroom and quickly close the door. The boys give into the pretty boy pull, tasting one another’s pouty lips and groping engorging groins. The heated hotties take turns choking down dick before Harris offers Burke a bareback rod ride. Lucas accepts by reaching back, spreading his smooth cheeks and swallowing up every thick inch Harris has to offer. Trevor tears into Burke’s toned tush, thrusting his thin hips up and hammering his hefty hog hard and deep. Our versatile, big dicked boy is full top in this teen tryst. (more…)

CockyBoys – Jaxon Radoc & David Corey


Jaxon and David are just way too adorable as they both geek out on each others’ accents and smoking hot lean ripped bodies. The chemistry between these two was growing by the second and once they found themselves in the same bed Jaxon’s hands were immediately all over David’s body. As they start to play around and explore their bodies David’s mouth inevitably ends up on Jaxon’s dick. Soon after Jaxon returns the favor before laying down on his stomach to take that big wet dick all the way up his bubble butt. After David pounds Jaxon for a while in different positions it’s now Jaxon’s turn to fuck. David hops right on top of him and rides him hard! Finally, David bends over to let Jaxon hit it from behind and apparently he really does hit David’s spot because he starts shooting cum all over the place.

80Gays – Rayshon & Dubaku Fuck


Dubaku is a sexually active black twink. Unfortunately, it’s been mostly with himself lately. But he has his eyes on Rayshon, a cute young man staying in a hotel room near his. The eye contact and smiles they have been sharing has removed any apprehension about approaching him. In fact, Dubaku is so confident, he simply let’s himself into his hotel room and finds Rayshon sleeping. Dubaku climbs in bed with Rayshon and is greeted with a kissing session, which leads to stripping off the clothes. Once the boys are naked, the gay sex begins without a word spoken. Dubaku is delighted to feel Rayshon’s huge black dick swell up and looks forward to the bareback fucking that he is about to receive.

LatinBoyz – Rocky


While talking with our newest model Rocky he mentioned that he loves giving cum facials while getting his dick sucked and has been told that his cum tastes good, which was ironic because during his jack off video he shot a huge load that just happened to land on his mouth and face. He did confirm with us that his cum was sweet tasting! This sexy 19 year old with that huge uncut Latino monster cock is bi and loves getting sloppy head and fucking tight asses.

Staxus – Twink Gets His Mark Thanks To A Boxer’s Meaty Pole!



With his athletic physique and fine, toned muscles, young Rob Nielsen makes for the perfect boxer. What’s more, there’s a distinct air of arrogance about him in this scene that only adds to the persona of sporting prowess; and whilst his apparent contempt for Martin Rivers’ interruption at the start of the action might seem a little uncouth, there’s no doubt that his performance as an alpha-male will go down a real treat with a huge section of our fan-base. Indeed, is there any gay guy alive who won’t be at least slightly overawed by his presence in the opening moments? (more…)

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