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Muscle Cock For Twink Bottom

10 (oct) Muscle Cock For Twink Bottom

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Giovanni is late for dinner with his hunky muscle daddy Collin, and the dude is pissed. But that’s okay, they can skip the main course and go straight for dessert! Delicious dick is on the menu as they suck each other off, but Giovanni’s hot little twink ass is a tasty treat for his top too. Collin rims him out before easing his throbbing cock inside and fucking him deep and hard all over the bed!

CockyBoys – Gabriel Clark Fucks Danny Montero!

10 Gabriel Clark Fucks Danny Montero

Danny Montero is visiting Montreal and who better to show him around than Montreal’s very own Gabriel Clark! We all know Gabriel likes things intense and heated so to start the day off right he decided to take Danny ziplining. Of course Gabriel goes first because he wants to show off his “balls of steel” but Danny wastes no time going right after him.
Then to cool things down a bit Gabriel takes Danny to the old clock tower where they climb 190 stairs to the top to check out one of the best views in the city. Once they’re back at the pad, Danny is teaching Gabriel some Spanish but what Gabriel really wants to know is how to get inside that hole ASAP. Luckily for him, Danny is eager to show it to him so before you know it the clothes are off, their cocks are rock hard, and Danny is bent over leaning up against the wall with Gabriel’s tongue fucking his pink hole the way that only Mr. Clark knows how to! (more…)

FrenchTwinks – A Night of Ecstasy


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During a romantic trip to Paris, Matteo Lavigne and Abel Lacourt share a hotel room getting ready to go out, but Matteo cannot decide on his choice of underwear. The twink asks Abel’s advice, but his roommate seems more interested in the content of his underwear than the way it looks on him. Abel seizes the bulging package of Matteo and draws him close to kiss him.
The two 18 year old boys kiss and caress while undressing slowly. Matteo runs his tongue along Abel’s hairless body before heading down to his thick and hard cock. The blowjob quickly turns into a hot 69. Abel is licking and fingering the tight hole of Matteo, while he’s sucking. Once the ass is prepared Abel begins to fuck him vigorously. On all fours, standing at the edge of the bed, on the back, on the side, Abel is unleashed and uses all his energy to satisfy Matteo making him cum profusely.

EastBoys FLV Videos – Set 03

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07-EastBoys-Casper-Ivarsson-Tommy-Poulain-Part-01EastBoys: Casper Ivarsson & Tommy Poulain – Part 01 – FLV
We have yet another glorious episode of limo boys for you, two some between Tommy Poulain and Casper Ivarsson, two extremely hot dudes, horny AF on back seat of our BMW, kissing, rubbing each other, and finally sucking each other’s cocks, while being driven to our studio. Hot stuff you will enjoy!
08-EastBoys-Casper-Ivarsson-Tommy-Poulain-Part-02EastBoys: Casper Ivarsson & Tommy Poulain – Part 02 – FLV
Warning – this video is so hot you should keep fire extinguisher handy! You will see kissing, cock sucking, ass fucking, ass licking, cumshots, and anything which belongs to hot sex between two hot dudes. You will see, that this is not just a played video, but true boyish love.
09-EastBoys-Handjob-Part-01-Casper-IvarssonEastBoys: Handjob – Part 01 – Casper Ivarsson – FLV
I am sure some of you just could not wait to see yet another episode with Casper Ivarsson! Well, we have it for you. See Casper behind the scenes in a restaurant, before Casper visits our studio and has fun with camera and his body. Mr. Hand Jobs will offer helping hand feeling Casper’s chiseled abs, then cock, which keeps growing and growing – and you can see the rest! All I can say – it will involve wad of CUM.
10-EastBoys-Summer-story-of-two-friends-Casper-Ivarsson-Vitali-KutcherEastBoys: Summer story of two friends – Casper Ivarsson & Vitali Kutcher – FLV
Summer, horny summer and story of two friends. Caspar met up with Vitaly in our offices, Caspar took our go-pro and went for a swim with Vitaly on this hot day. Guys then lock themselves up on our studio, film each other’s jerking off, sucking off with nice cumshot finale.
11-EastBoys-Aston-Twins-Outtake-GoProEastBoys: Aston Twins – Outtake GoPro – FLV
Aston Twins, the one and only, cuteness redefined, finally an update for you! Our gay porn site will cope with extra traffic this new awesome footage will generate. This caravan sex video will grab your attention, 1st fully nude twins play with their dicks and are having great fun doing so. Then this starts jerking off competition, who will cum 1st? Find for yourself!
12-EastBoys-Remastered-Collection-05-BradEastBoys: Remastered Collection 05 – Brad – FLV
Oh Brad, one of our greatest discoveries, remastered for you in one 1hr (yes, one hour) video. Cancel evening plans to watch this youthful beauty with angelic smile, cute face and ripped athletic body few are lucky to have! This video has it all, muscle flex, body worship, night handjob in an RV, naked shower, swim in the river, more flex now oiled up and even more handjobs! This video put czech gay porn videos on the map!
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BOTP – Adam & Reece Want Some Cock


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Sexy Kai climbs in out of the rain and wind and instantly gets warmed up by horny boys Adam and Reece. All three are up for some cock, wanking and sucking, with that smooth and pale twink getting his mouth and ass fucked by those boys before all are wanking out their cum and making a real fucking mess! Poor Kai gets abandoned in the street, but at least he had fun!

Czech Hunter 155


Today I found myself in the middle of the Jiraskuv bridge. Switched on the cam and tried my luck with the first dude passing. It was very short and I almost got punched. He got so offended that he pushed me quite hard. But luckily right the next young lad was the cutie I was hoping for. Talkative, cute, young and a sportsman. Just getting back home from his football training. Took me some time to start the conversation about sex with him. But once I did I knew he is gonna be a true catch for my little private project. Even so shy as he was, he showed me his adorable cock right there on the bridge. I knew he won’t go any further there, so I used my “money” trap and got him to agree to go to the park with me. Once again it was a great one.

Czech Hunter 151


Train stations are not my favorite spots to hunt. But they have one advantage: a lot of guys passing by. Just after I switched on my cam I’ve met a well built and handsome dude. Talked him into showing me his cock, but unfortunately his train just came, he couldn’t miss it. Such a shame. Then I’ve spotted another one. Young, slim and smiley cute face. Bit shy but easy to talk to. After some usual chat, I went straight to the point. Showed him my huge pile of cash and that really attracted his attention. He was a party-goer, therefore I knew he will go with me to the end of the world for that money. After we found a nice and quiet place, he started to jerk me off. He was so concentrated, it almost made me laugh. I became so horny and couldn’t wait anymore…