Daily Archive: 01/11/2018

Freshmen.net – Issue 8 – Models of the week


Lars Norgaard & Kevin Warhol: Lars Norgaard’s first scene was with Kevin Warhol as was his first photo session. To divide the material justly, the scene will be shown here on Freshmen at Christmas time, and the photo session a week earlier on BelAmiOnline. Today’s images are from the hardcore photo shoot taken at the same time as the scene. I guess if you still don’t like Lars by now it may be the time to cancel the subscription! (more…)

AsiaBoy – Lee and Joe

37 AsiaBoy - Lee and Joe

When you put two horny country boys together, naked and eager for sex, you can bet something hot will follow. These two gay Asian twinks do not disappoint. After they’ve had an intense session of kissing and bareback fucking, they start all over again. Joe fucks Lee for the second time. He is still so horny it doesn’t take long for him to cum again, in a nice synchronized orgasm with his Asian fuck buddy Lee.

Freshmen.net Online Photo-Video Galleries – 11


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Freshmen.net! Unbelievably Cute Sexy Gay Boys With Fucking Big Dicks!