Daily Archive: 06/24/2018

Freshmen.net Online Video Clips – 16


151-freshmennet-joaquin-arrenas-nate-donaghyIssue 73 Scene 1
Freshmen.net – Joaquin Arrenas & Nate Donaghy
This improbable scene opening is the result of Marty’s slightly lazy imagination. We apologize for 1. It not being terribly sexy and 2. Making Nate appear to be a chain smoker. Fortunately, the boys bail out Marty by providing him – and you – with some sex that is smoking hot.
152-freshmennet-peter-annaud-orri-aasenIssue 73 Scene 2
Freshmen.net – Peter Annaud & Orri Aasen
As mentioned in our last issue, we strive to avoid redundancy. Here Luke decides to subvert your expectations by having Orri, the ultimate bottom, fuck Peter, the archetypal top. We believe you will enjoy the results. GD: I suspect that there is another reason for this role reversal however I won’t elaborate as I lack proof. Whatever the reason, it’s always a treat seeing a quintessential top bottoming.
153-freshmennet-troy-jennings-andreIssue 73 Scene 3
Freshmen.net – Troy Jennings & Andre
Troy Jennings is skinny, and he wears glasses. Despite this, or perhaps because of this, we find him tender, likeable and endearing. He has filmed three scenes with us. This is the first. Whenever you see a third scene in this position, it is because we’re not sure about the boy. So, your feedback here is especially welcome.
154-freshmennet-ryan-mckenna-nils-tatumIssue 74 Scene 1
Freshmen.net – Ryan McKenna & Nils Tatum
For those jock lovers feeling deprived by our abundance of twinks these past few weeks, this scene is for you. Filmed as part of our Jambo Africa series, here is your first taste of Ryan McKenna in action. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on him.
155-freshmennet-dean-cooper-jason-bacallIssue 74 Scene 2
Freshmen.net – Dean Cooper & Jason Bacall
Another Jock-lover treat. This scene featuring two more buff bodies, Dean Cooper and Jason Bacall. As Dean looks a bit more mature, most of his appearances will likely be on Belamionline rather than Freshmen. (more…)