Daily Archive: 07/16/2018

BeddableBoys – Twink Boys Shared Jerking


Guys do all kinds of things together, and even straight boys stroke their cocks to porn together sometimes. Their wives and girlfriends might not know it, but those trips guys take together often involve some shared jerk off session! Blair Mason and Logan Miles are kicking back and appreciating their own cocks in this shared jerk off session, just two horny boys sharing a hobby and shooting some cum side-by-side, like all good buds do!

JapanBoyz – Kazuki & Kai’s Playtime


We already know what Kazuki can do with his own cock, today he has brought a friend along for some strap-on play. Open to the fun, Kai begins with a little kiss before he lies back and is serviced. Getting it all ready, Kazuki rims the boy as well; Kai follows with a double dose of cock for this JapanBoyz video. Fingering the twink’s hairy hole, Kazuki uses multiple digits to stretch the boy. Sliding Kai’s legs far apart, the top works his natural toy in. Thrusting and intertwined, they go at it rhythmically before Kai rides. As the camera catches the sloppy seduction, the bottom’s abilities to edge both he and his partner are evident. Side by side they tug; Kazuki creams first followed by an equally luscious load from Kai.