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Brad Fitt: From Venice With Lust

163-Brad Fitt From Venice With Lust

After Tim Walker and Brad Fitt experience the delights of Venice and enjoy the pleasures of a fine Italian wine together, the two boys decide to sign the day off by savoring a little carnal knowledge. And who the fuck can blame them? Beginning with a gentle smooch, that quickly unfolds into something much more passionate, Fitt sucks his mate off over the table! Then the lads engage in a superb session of 69-ing! Fitt finally forces his meaty, uncut shaft deep inside Walker’s tight ass during a very energetic session of open-air fucking.
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Camp CockyBoys: Colby Keller & Sean Ford!


Welcome to Camp CockyBoys! It’s a new series that plays on the nickname for the Cocky Boys country home and which takes advantage of the biggest ever gathering of models for our 10th Anniversary Pool Party! Or as one veteran CockyBoy says "There’s a plethora of delectable creatures all walking around at any time". It’s a seemingly endless, fun and joyful summer of swimming, canoeing, hiking, etc as well as quiet times getting to know one another. Then there are the nights by the campfire where the models gather for wienie roasting…and true sex confessions, a challenge instigated by Sean Ford. However it’s Sean who is prodded to go first and reveal his hook-up with his longtime crush Colby Keller! (more…)

8teenBoy – Tight Twinks – hx124 scene15



Fresh out of the gate, Cody Wilson cums out swingin’ in his first ever, non-solo fuck flick! The tan and tender twink is paired with beautiful blond boy Adam Hunt to double this twinkie treat! Adam is packing a prime piece in his pants and cock whore Cody practically inhales Hunt’s heavy hitter with an exceptional hummer! Hunt doesn’t skimp on the schlong suck either, deep throating Cody’s uncut cock to the balls with his own beautiful peaches and cream ass in the air. (more…)

FrenchTwinks – EP 2 The Marguet’s Method


In this second episode of “Slutty High School Boys” Ryan tells Jonathan about his sexual adventure with his teachers. After a day of classes during which a game of seduction began between Paul Delay and his Professor M. Marguet, the teacher finds the insolent Jonathan Garnier leaving in the hallways. In order to avoid punishment, the pupil tries to blackmail his teacher and threaten to reveal to the Principal his very particular teaching methods but more is needed to impress the beautiful Doryann Marguet who then decides to demonstrate by practice the effectiveness of its pedagogical techniques. For the Rest of the Story (at…Click Here

Belami Online – Jeroen Mondrian, Dean Cooper – 11910


bel-ami-online-jeroen-mondrian-and-dean-cooper-raw-002bel-ami-online-jeroen-mondrian-and-dean-cooper-raw-004bel-ami-online-jeroen-mondrian-and-dean-cooper-raw-005bel-ami-online-jeroen-mondrian-and-dean-cooper-raw-007bel-ami-online-jeroen-mondrian-and-dean-cooper-raw-008bel-ami-online-jeroen-mondrian-and-dean-cooper-raw-009bel-ami-online-jeroen-mondrian-and-dean-cooper-raw-011bel-ami-online-jeroen-mondrian-and-dean-cooper-raw-016“This is Dean Cooper’s first scene here at BelAmi, although our Freshmen members will remember him from his introduction there earlier this year. As for Jeroen, we all know him well, but he lets us in on a little secret: his love of dumplings…. and the amount of exercise he has to do to keep the dumplings from showing. I’m sure that there will be no gym today though, as he gives Dean quite a good working out that probably burned through a weeks worth of dumpling calories.”belami-online-horizontal-banner

Rookie Recruit Cleans Up With An Ass-Load Of Bareback Cock!



When you’re young, horny and in the army, the very last thing you wanna find yourself doing is cleaning some fucking stupid tank. Unfortunately for new boy, Adrian Bennet, that’s exactly what he finds himself having to do. Given his situation, it’s just as well that he’s got the encouragement of fellow recruit, Ron Negba, to provide him with a heady mix of motivation and “special” cigarettes; which in turn soon results in the fellow soon abandoning any thought of cleaning the tank, as he strips off his shirt and engages in a very sensuous smooch with his buddy.
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#helix: Kyle Ross and Corbin Colby – hx120-scene23


Spanking, Rimming, fingering and fucking OH MY! Corbin Colby and Kyle Ross are at their fan’s mercy, answering every dirty question you asked, AND acting out every deliciously naughty act requested from the pervy pages of social media. Unfiltered and condom free, Colby fulfills your fantasies as he fills Kyle’s ass with raw cock. Blond and beautiful, Ross relaxes into your every whim with pure pleasure and an amazing ass stuffed to capacity. You asked and our boys deliver, raw, real and rock hard.