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FamilyDick – Kissing Cousins Chapter 2: Stuffing His Boy Undies


It’s perfectly natural for guys to compare their cocks with those of their peers. The concept of “grower, not shower,” isn’t always the most comforting. Luckily for this boy, his uncle is there to remind him just how sexy and special he is. Finding the boy stuffing his underwear before school, the older man takes it upon himself to give the boy the attention he so desperately craves. His loving uncle drops to his knees and sucks down on his nephew’s hard knob, giving him all the padding in his briefs he could want!

8teenBoy – Afternoon Ass – hx124 scene36



New kid on the block Cody Wilson is paired with jailbait jock star Caleb Gray for this afternoon, ass banging adventure! The boys skipped school for this scorcher that finds them at high noon with the sun streaming through the bedroom window and perfectly kissing their tight, teen bodies. Tongues intertwine as raging hormones cause the kid’s to tear at one another’s clothes and get at those throbbing young bones! Fresh and curious, Cody Wilson feels Gray’s giant jock protruding through his pants and he can’t fight that horny hunger. (more…)

Bare Twinks – Twink Furry Boys Flip Fuck


Sexy little furries Jamie and Robin have already been having fun with their dicks today, but they’ve been building up to this. Jamie is on the couch wagging his little tail and begging for some dick, and Robin certainly isn’t going to deny him! The cute boy arrives with cute little ears and a devilish hunger, sucking cock and prodding his solid boner between Jamie’s cheeks. His boy isn’t gonna be the only one to get it though, soon the boys are swapping and Jamie is sinking his own bareback boner into his friend for a little reversal! After switching back again to fuck on the coffee table Robin makes Jamie spew a huge load of squirting cum all over himself before drenching his open pucker with his own cream and sliding his wet dick right back into the boy!

FrenchTwinks – A New Toyboy for Jules


Since his recent debut at French Twinks, Jules Laroche is eager to test all our twinks! We offer him the adorable Celian Meyer to complete his role of top. The two boys have a lot of affinities and Celian, who likes to be particularly submissive, is going to serve as an escape valve to our powerful and well endowed top. The two twinks jump into the bed and kiss, Jules is hard immediately and Celian begins to play with the big bulge that formed in the boxer of his partner. Jules islong being he releases his monster cock, hard as ever and to pushes it into the mouth of Celian who sucks him passionately. Jules then returns to Celian to eat his ass in a sixty-nine position while he continues to get sucked…
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Belami Online – Peter Annaud, Jarrod Lanvin – 12055


size-matters-peter-jarrod-belamionline-1_003size-matters-peter-jarrod-belamionline-1_004size-matters-peter-jarrod-belamionline-1_006size-matters-peter-jarrod-belamionline-1_007size-matters-peter-jarrod-belamionline-1_010size-matters-peter-jarrod-belamionline-1_012size-matters-peter-jarrod-belamionline-1_016Boys have needs that must be satisfied. Luckily for Jarrod Lanvin he has Peter Annaud around so that he doesn’t have to sit on the sofa just jerking off (although I am sure that it was porn with Peter that he was searching for anyhow). For boys like Jarrod Lanvin the old adage that Size Matters is certainly true, and he could not have chosen anyone more suited than Peter to fulfill his needs.

Broke Straight Boys – Max Flint & Sam



Whenever BSB goes “unconventional,” our viewers get an extra treat. Today we have cutie pie Max and donkey dick Sam on the couch. Both decided to show how nasty they can be when the camera is off. “We’re going to experiment today with some nasty kinky stuff,” the cameraman notes to the smiling models. “Glad someone is exited,” Sam smirks. The boys sit on the couch, pulling at their dicks. Sam, of course, is the first to get hard. No matter how many times you’ve seen it, the size of Sam’s schlong shocks. It’s thicker than Max’s forearm. Anyone notice how Max seems transfixed by its size? Sam goes down first. Max doesn’t seem to like this position, especially considering Sam isn’t deep throating as much as he should. Released: 2012-07-16 (more…)

Alfresco Tai Chi Leaves Big-Dicked Beaut Filled With Cock



The spirit of the sphere may well have induced Lior Hod into an open-air frenzy of Tai Chi; but given the option of training his mate, Alex Whale, in martial arts, or alternatively fucking the living daylights out of the well-hung fucker, Hod opts for the latter. And who the hell can blame him? Whale is pretty much everything a horny gay lad could ever wish for – tall, slim, and boasting the kind of king-sized dong that is literally the stuff of dreams. He’s also a dirty little slut, if truth be told – a fact that’s quickly underlined by the haste with which the fellow fires his attention at Hod’s crotch, pulling dick out of his mate’s pants and slurping on it like a fully paid-up cock-whore.
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Helix Studios – Introducing Trevor Harris – hx119-scene47


Trevor Harris is a new kid fresh off the farm, gorgeous, hung and raring to go! While horsing around outside by a beautiful fountain Tyler Hill gets to know Trevor REALLY well! We find out the farm boy has fantasies about doing it outside, he likes kissing and he’s pretty versatile. With arms and legs intertwined as they chat, he boys body language starts to get cozier and they realize they need to take the action somewhere more private. Trevor is definitely not shy, grabbing Tyler’s ass by the handful and ripping his clothes off. (more…)