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Jizz-loaded bareback threesome

172-Jizz-loaded bareback threesome

Is there anything more enjoyable than a good oily rubdown courtesy of a horny handsome stud? Certainly young Tim Walker doesn’t seem to be able to think of anything, that’s for sure – indeed, the tent in his towel appears to suggest that he’s more than impressed with John Parker’s efforts on the massage front. Then again, how many masseurs are prepared to be quite as hands-on as Parker is here? Or who have sexy mates like Kevin Ateah, who are only too willing and eager to join in the fun …? (more…)

FamilyDick – Kissing Cousins Chapter 4: Drawing Straws


When daddy comes home after a long day, he’s amazed to find the place an absolute mess! With his boy and nephew sitting on the couch, he has no choice but to step in and remind them who’s in charge. Needing both to have a clean house and to breed boy butt, he has his boys draw straws to decide what each will do. One will be stuck cleaning and the other will get to ride his big, raw dick!

8teenBoy – Party in My Pants – hx124 scene38


This is your invitation to the Helix mansion end of summer party and ALL your favorite models are here dancing and frolicking in the pool! Julian Bell and Caleb Gray break away from the pack and head to one of the bedrooms for their own porn perfect, private party. The blond and brunette have crazy cock chemistry and spit shine one another’s schlongs before Bell tosses Caleb’s legs over his head to heat up that hungry hole with his talented tongue. (more…)

AsiaBoy – X & Robin Bareback


Asian boys X and Robin, meet for an afternoon of hot raw sex. They strip naked and give each other head, before Robin rims his friend’s hole to get him ready for the barebacking that will follow. After fucking X, they flip and Robin takes his turn on the bottom. X fucks his friend so hard his balls slap against Robin’s skinny ass. After a hard bareback flip fuck, the twinks are ready to pump out their loads. Robin shoots his warm cum onto his smooth tummy, and X feeds his seed to Robin.

Bare Twinks – Twinky Boys Special Games


Sweet little twinky friends Austin and James are having fun in the bedroom when things get a little out of hand, they might still be learning what to do with their big hard cocks, but they’re happy to teach each other and explore. With their dicks out the friends get sucking on each other, swapping juicy young dicks in a 69 session, but that’s only the start of their explorations. With boners stiff and wet with spit and precum the pals turn their attention to James’ perfect little hole. (more…)

FrenchTwinks – Erwan’s First Time


After a festive evening Alexis Tivoli wakes up on side of the adorable Erwan Lamour. The two boys are in underwear in the bed and Alexis just opening his eyes discovers Erwan’s erection in his underwear. Alexis begins to jack off quietly to wake up his buddy and while admiring Erwan in his sleep, he puts a hand on his chest and caresses the twink. Impossible for Alexis to resist the temptation. He slides a hand in Erwan’s pants and palpates his hard cock. The twink remains asleep and Alexis while wanking licks Erwan’s nipples who’s shuddering with pleasure. His lips slide gently towards Erwan’s crotch and he takes out his stiff cock from his panties to start sucking…
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Belami Online – Kirk Gauguin, Kieran Benning – 12241


kieran-benning-kirk-gauguin-getting-know-you-belamionline-2-10_008kieran-benning-kirk-gauguin-getting-know-you-belamionline-2-10_009kieran-benning-kirk-gauguin-getting-know-you-belamionline-2-10_010kieran-benning-kirk-gauguin-getting-know-you-belamionline-2-10_002kieran-benning-kirk-gauguin-getting-know-you-belamionline-2-10_004kieran-benning-kirk-gauguin-getting-know-you-belamionline-2-10_006kieran-benning-kirk-gauguin-getting-know-you-belamionline-2-10_007kieran-benning-kirk-gauguin-getting-know-you-belamionline-2-10_009This is a very early scene Bel Ami for Kirk Gauguin. Kieran Benning feels that he needs to get to know him a lot better before they embark on their first trip to Africa together. After getting over his disappointment at Kirk Gauguin’s ‘very short trim’ Kieran Benning soon finds that Kirk’s dick is just perfect for satisfying every need he has. For a scene with two relatively inexperienced guys. They both prove to be very expert lovers, especially in the rimming and fucking departments.

Broke Straight Boys – Blake Bennet & Jason



The rather shy Blake Bennet is back in the studio, and this time, he is joined by the always willing and able Jason. Right off the mark, Jason promised that he would be indulging Blake some hot sex. Blake could only grin at that remark and tell Jason to go for it. Instantly, Jason took it as a personal challenge, leaning right in and surprising Blake with a passionate kiss. However, Blake wasn’t one to back down and instead, gave just as good as he got. While Jason broke off the snogging only to take off his black t-shirt, Blake looked as if he had just had his mind blown. Once his pesky top was off, Jason dived back in to continue Blake’s education, something that Blake obviously didn’t mind at all. Taking the imitative, Jason helped Blake remove his t-shirt, Blake grinning widely when Jason stated that he liked to get down to the brass tacks. In between some hot and heavy kissing, Blake’s belt was quickly undone and his pants taken off and thrown to the floor, leaving Blake completely naked. Jason had things in hand as he grasped Blake’s cock and slowly ran his hand up and down the stiffening shaft, all the while; Blake was massaging Jason’s cock through the tracksuit pants.A moment later, Jason’s pants hit the floor, Blake leaning over and swallowing down Jason’s hard cock. Released: 2012-05-05 (more…)

Slutty Tenant Gets A Two Cocked Contract



Does young Jake Stark know what’s in store for him when he rents a room from the ever-horny Ron Negba? Maybe, maybe not. One thing’s for sure, however – it’s not long before he’s introduced himself to Negba’s boyfriend, Vittorio Vega, and is providing his landlord’s beau with the same kind of sexual favours that Vega usually only gets from Negba himself. A threeway between the assembled crew seems nigh on inevitable; and before you know it we find the trio making out in Negba’s room like the sexed-up sluts we always knew they were.
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