Daily Archive: 08/05/2019

Belami Online – Kris Evans, Nino Valens – 12095


12095-Kris-Evans-Nino-Valens-01012095-Kris-Evans-Nino-Valens-02512095-Kris-Evans-Nino-Valens-03012095-Kris-Evans-Nino-Valens-04012095-Kris-Evans-Nino-Valens-04312095-Kris-Evans-Nino-Valens-060We’re going ‘all Hungarian’ for you today with 2 of your favorite guys from Budapest, hunky Kris Evans and twinky Nino Valens. Luke has taken a few liberties here with the storyline, pretending that Nino is in for his casting, whereas in fact the scene was filmed in the middle (so far) of Nino’s time with us. Regardless of this bit of trivia, we have a nice twist to the usual ‘body worship’ theme, with Kris being obviously enamored of Nino’s lithe frame and youthful good looks.
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