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Two cumshots apiece from bareback schoolboys

174-Two cumshots apiece from bareback school fuckers

Like most boys his age, Tim Walker would much rather look at a porn mag and have a good wank than do school work, so it should really come as no surprise at all to Xander Hollis when he interrupts his pal tugging on his knob beneath his desk. For a few moments Hollis savours the moment, watching from the sidelines as Walker works every inch of that handsome dick of his; but it’s not very long before temptation gets the better of the student and he’s down on his knees, literally sucking the jizz out of Walker’s balls. (more…)

8teenBoy – Naughty Newbie – hx124 scene65



Fresh off his first ever, super successful solo stroke scene, we’ve paired ripe, young Riley Finch with Milo Harper and his massive meat! The fresh young fuck hounds heat up the screen with sultry kisses before rod hungry Riley feels Harper’s huge hog stretch out and practically wrap around his own leg, lusty and longing for some lip smacking lovin’! He ransacks his way into Milo’s tight white Calvin’s and feasts on his fat uncut phallus before Harper unzips the dude’s duds and gets himself a mouthful of dick. Milo moves on to dessert and makes a tasty treat out of the twink’s tight little tush. (more…)

Bare Twinks – The Hunger For Twink Dick Is Real


As soon as we join horny twink boys Jamie and Chris they’re making out and groping for cock. Long-haired boy Jamie is the first to get his long and slender dick licked and sucked by his friend, but with his precum flowing he’s soon getting his own taste of dick meat and servicing his gorgeous pal. After getting a taste of fit boy Chris he’s up on the bed and presenting, his ass up and ready to be filled. Chris slides in, picking up the pace as he fucks his buddy with skill. Anyone who knows Chris knows that this boy isn’t the kind of twink to miss out on the fun of being buggered, he’s soon swapping places and giving up his own naked little hole for his friend to slide into! Spooning and on his back, Chris gets his load pumped out of him, streams of sticky white goodness splashing from his dick, which soon has lover boy Jamie easing his dick out of that ass and spunking his own load over his friend! Needless to say, it’s a perfect afternoon for these two friends.

FrenchTwinks – Explore my Body


Erwan Lamour invites Jules Laroche to play the “Touch My Body Challenge”. Jules is blindfolded and Erwan points his partner’s finger at a part of his body that he needs to recognize. Of course we didexpect our hot twink to stay wise and quickly he puts the hand of Jules in his boxer… and then in his ass! Erwan is lying on his back, legs apart and Jules enjoys a bird’s eye view of his little hole. Our stallion doesn’t resist this invitation and then begins to suck Erwan while pushing a finger in his tight ass…
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Jambo Africa – Hoyt Kogan Fucks Pip Caulfield – 12340


jambo-africa-hoyt-kogan-pip-caulfield-belami-1_010jambo-africa-hoyt-kogan-pip-caulfield-belami-2_001jambo-africa-hoyt-kogan-pip-caulfield-belami-2_005jambo-africa-hoyt-kogan-pip-caulfield-belami-2_008jambo-africa-hoyt-kogan-pip-caulfield-belami-2_009jambo-africa-hoyt-kogan-pip-caulfield-belami-3_004There is no denying that George Duroy spoils the boys somewhat when it comes to choosing the places to stay in Capetown. Beachfront villas with superb views of the endless oceans and also of all the cute guys on the beach. For those of you familiar with Viva Colombia, you will already have observed something about Hoyt Kogan. Whenever he gets a moment alone, he is always out hunting for new boys to fuck. Not that any of his buddies mind, but Hoyt likes to keep his little secrets secret.

Broke Straight Boys – Paul Canon & Max Flint



When asked by the cameraman, Paul Canon has no memory of his first scene with Max Flint. “Yep. Forget it right after it was finished,” Paul replies with a smile. We’ll forgive this bout of amnesia because there is videotape proof. Plus, he’s back on the couch with Max again. This time Paul will get a chance to feel what Max’s ass feels like. Want to bet he won’t forget that? For some reason Paul has Santa underwear on. However, it would be gauche to moan about that (grin). The models get naked and Paul sucks first. “It smells like mint down here,” Paul notes. Max chuckles, without giving a reason for his minty odor. Released: 2012-11-10 (more…)

Mammoth-Sized Beaut Cleans Out His Horny Pal For A Raw Fuck



Let’s be totally frank, Joel Tamir is arguably the best home-help you could ever wish for. True, we have no testimonial regards his cleaning abilities – although he does seem to do a decent job when mopping down the stairs in Jake Stark’s apartment – but what we do know from the opening moments of this terrific little episode is that this horse-hung beauty likes to undertake his duties in the buff. As a result, his oversized schlong is on constant display, swinging about as free as you like; and looking every inch like something that could cause serious injury given half the chance.
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