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Staxus – Sex starved twinks

188-Sex starved twinks

Connor Levi couldn’t believe his luck when we told him that we were jetting him away from his native England to meet up with the one-and-only Brad Fitt – and is it any wonder? Fitt, after all, is a young man who lives up to his name in every way; and it’s with unmistakable relish from the off that Levi hooks up with the Czech cutie.
Indeed, director John Smith tells us that he barely had to intervene in the antics that these two beauties get up to here, such was the immediate attraction that both lads clearly had for each other. An attraction that’s all too fuckin’ obvious, as they slurp on each other’s hard twink cocks with the kind of gusto that we just know you dirty-minded wankers are gonna just love! (more…)

8teenBoy – Classmate Cock – hx124 scene68



When two of our freshest, fuck hungry young models, Riley Finch and Chase Williams get together for this twink throbber, their erotic, new excitement ignites the screen from the start! Chase takes the lead, laying jailbait beauty Finch on the bed while he blows the boy’s uncut bone balls deep. Young Riley is ravenous and anxious to gulp down William’s extra wide willie. He gets his chance when Chase orders him onto his stomach for a face fucking. Riley’s smooth seat is absolute perfection and Williams’ hands wander down the dude’s arched back to that bone hungry booty for a feel before telling the twink to flip over. (more…)

Bare Twinks – Twinky Boys Get Very Daring



Horny young guys will find any excuse to explore sex with each other, they’re always looking for ways to get a peek at another boy’s cock. It might start out with an innocent game of Truth of Dare for sweet young friends Austin and Jamie but when the clothes come off and their cocks come out the dares get less and less innocent! Long-haired boy Jamie is hard as a rock after being dared to taste his friend’s boner, understandably his cute little buddy can’t wait to return the favor and worship that schlong! (more…)

FrenchTwinks – Two Cute Newbies for Baptiste


Corentin Tessier and Erwan Lamour kiss passionately and throw themselves in bed to make lustful intercourse. Their tongues intertwine and their hands slip into their swim shorts. The two young twinks are naked and begin to masturbate each other… But Erwan and Corentin have forgotten that they shared the apartment with the very naughty Baptiste Garcia who observes them discreetly hidden behind the screen. Suddenly Baptiste jumps into the bed and surprises the two boys in action! Impossible to resist this beautiful surprise, since Baptiste is naked and already hard as wood…
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DoggyBoys – Fucked bareback by his biggest fan


Kinky little Marek Kraus isn’t embarrassed when a boy he hooks up with turns out to be a fan of his videos. Randi Freja loves wanking off watching the boy, he couldn’t wait to meet up with him and give him his own long bareback fuckstick when he finally found him on a dating site. The boy comes over ready to get down to business and loves that his new buddy enjoys his work, but can Randi fuck him like his costars do? The young man worships his gorgeous cock, gives up his incredibly tight little ass for Randi to slide into, deep and raw, then gives his lucky fan the perfect finish while he pumps fresh cream out for Randi to taste. Just when the boy is about to bust his own nut Marek runs out of the door, leaving Randi to wank himself off and make a gooey mess over himself. That’s Marek for you, always leaving his hook ups wanting more!

Belami Online – Adam Archuleta, Rhys Jagger – 12393


12393-Adam-Archuleta-Rhys-Jagger-00112393-Adam-Archuleta-Rhys-Jagger-00212393-Adam-Archuleta-Rhys-Jagger-00312393-Adam-Archuleta-Rhys-Jagger-00412393-Adam-Archuleta-Rhys-Jagger-00512393-Adam-Archuleta-Rhys-Jagger-006This home video was actually filmed as an extension to our documentary last week. After the roots of Rhys’ mysterious vegetable obsession are revealed, Adam happily offers to replace the vegetarian fare with a little meat of his own. This home video was filmed later on the same day.

Triple Trouble As Dirty Blond Gets Two Dicks Up His Ass At Once



Life would be pretty bland without variety, that’s for sure; so it’s perhaps little wonder that Joel Tamir and Vittorio Vega like mixing it up with rookie STAXUS lad, Beno Eker. Sometimes Tamir cops off with Eker, sometimes Vega enjoys the fresh-faced boy himself; and sometimes the three of them get together for the kind of spunk-inducing trio session that’s chronicled here. Given the lads’ positioning at the start of the action, it doesn’t take a detective to ascertain that it’s Tamir who’s destined to be the centre of attention; but first both he and his best mate, Vega, want to get to know new boy, Eker, and (more specifically) the rather handsome ramrod and lovely pair of low-hangers that he has stashed inside his pants.
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