BBA – Feeding Migo’s Monster

Recent BBA recruit Migo easily has one of the BIGGEST and THICKEST dicks I’ve ever filmed!
I knew that talking this horse-hung straight “top” into trying “gay for pay” porn would be relatively easy. My biggest concern was finding someone capable of taking Migo’s massive TEN INCHES!
When the BBA fan who first told me about Migo mentioned that Suspense was his favorite BBA model, I decided to take a gamble and see if Suspense might be up for the challenge. It also seemed like a potentially promising pairing due to the fact that both guys have similarly goofy personalities and REALLY BIG DICKS.
After some playful and entertaining foreplay that includes these cute, big-dicked “nerds” jacking each other off and rubbing their huge dicks together, Suspense drops to his knees and tries his best to stuff Migo’s massive, uncut dick in his mouth….
I don’t want to spoil too many of this scene’s hot surprises, other than to say that by the end of this unforgettable scene, Migo’s “monster” miraculously ends up buried ALL THE WAY inside Suspense’s tight bubble-butt – without a trip to the hospital afterwards!

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