BBA – Riding The Tyga

Lil Tyga won’t let just anybody “climb on his back.” But I had a feeling that a tall, dark-skinned straight boy as hot and hung as Isaiah might be just the thing to convince the cocky young “top” to make a special exception and give up his round, tempting ass for only the SECOND time in BBA history!
See for yourself what happens when one of BBA’s most attractive and popular straight models meets one of our most energetic and dominant gay “tops” in a surprising pairing that you won’t want to miss….
There’s a generous amount of kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating leading up to the moment we’ve all been waiting to see:
Isaiah plunging his huge, curved dick deep inside the cocky top’s round, upturned ass as Lil Tyga’s howls of pain mixed with moans of pleasure echo noisily throughout the bedroom and beyond….

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