Broke Straight Boys – Blake Bennet & Max Flint


Max is back! Max is back! Did you hear? Max is back!! Excuse the excessive ebullience, but we are talking about Max Flint. Our comment boards were filled with enthusiasm after we posted his first solo vid. Don’t lie. You all passed out from joy when the dirty curly topped lad used spit as lube. Many BSB members will need smelling salts after looking at today’s production because Max is paired with Blake Bennet. “I was a newbie once,” Blake jokes as he plants a big hand on Max’s shaking knee. Although Max has been on the receiving end of a number of blow jobs, this will be the first from a guy. Released: 2012-06-14
Blake assures him not to worry. “I learned from the best though,” Blake adds. Both models strip to their underwear. All you southerners will want to feed these two lanky boys — with food first grin. Both sit on the couch and fondle themselves. All we hear are a few murmurs and the rustling of fabric. They move closer to each other to offer helping hands. Max is impressed with how excited Blake is. Who wouldn’t be with Max around? Because he’s the expert in the man sex department, Blake gets on his knees and swallows Max whole. At first the curly-head top is rather demure toward Blake’s work. But after awhile, his hand creeps to the back of Blake’s head. And Max’s mouth? It goes in the “O” mode (think of Anthony!) “Practice makes perfect,” Blake utters as he comes off of Max’s Moby Dick. Blake deep throats, mouths the balls, and works the meat until it looks like it’s going to burst.
“You suck that cock so good,” Max says. “How am I doing,” Blake inquires. “Very good,” Max smiles back. It’s unfair to receive a prime blow job and not return the favor. Max settles into Blake’s lap, starting slow at the tip of Blake’s big head. He picks up the pace by jouncing up and down. He even tries some early deep throats.Blake laughs contentedly as Max chokes. Some people get cuter with a dick in the mouth. Max belongs in that group. With his eyes closed and those moist lips around Blake’s meat, Max is the picture of bliss. He gets even even more beguiling when he uses spit and pre-cum as Blake’s own lube. “Oh, fuck yeah,”Blake mumbles as he runs his hands through Max’s hair, keeping the newbie attached to that hefty dick. Blake face fucks Max, causing him to choke even more. But Max keeps working, even if his mouth overflows with dick. Not bad for a beginner.
Max gives his jaws a well deserved break, and Blake gets back on Max’s pole. “Fuck,yeah,” Max coos as he returns the favor and face fucks Blake. Max, an imaginative nasty boy, spits in his hand to jerk Blake off. Soon enough Blake shoots a load with Max’s dick still in his mouth. The load is so massive it splashes on the couch and soaks Blake’s stomach hair. “Thats quite a load,” Max notes with a grin. Blake himself is shocked at all the splooge he let go! It’s Max’s turn to nut and Blake gives a rather sensitive hand job. His handiwork does the trick. So much so that Blake’s hand gets covered with Max’s man juice. “Thank you,” Max says. Why are the polite boys always the hottest? Let’s hope Max returns for a more “in depth” session.