*Bare Twinks*

Bare Twinks – Bareback Boys and Their Tasty Treats


All that sugar seems to be having an effect on young Elijah Young and Carmen Delano! Sucking lollipops soon leads to sucking on hard twink dick as they swap their boners with each other. A little rimming and Carmen’s snug hole is ready for those inches to slide in deep, with Elijah thrusting his cock into his hole over and over, first with some doggy style humping and then face down, ending with the boy in his back while Elijah’s heavy balls swing. With a cum load fucked into the boys ass, Carmen jerks out his own and gets a second helping as Elijah spews another load in his face!

Bare Twinks – Breakfast Bareback Boys!


They say it’s great to be woken up with a blow job, but I personally think bareback fucking is better. Jasper Robinson rouses his horny lover Matthew Cole and he quickly takes control, feasting on morning boner, sharing his own with his hung lover Jasper, then hopping on to ride that massive twink cock! Riding it, taking it doggy and then laying back to be pounded he jerks out his hot thick load, all finished off with Jasper’s splashing jizz fucked into his snug ass! Tell me again a blow job would do, I think we all know raw cock wins!

Bare Twinks – Sweet Boys With Sweet Treats!


Colby Klein and Zack Love look like they’ve spent all their allowance on candy! The boys are enjoying a sugar rush, but it seems to make them incredibly horny! Sucking each others dicks the boys get throbbing and dribbling precum, with Colby taking the top position and cramming his naked dick into his friends smooth and snug ass. Fucked all over the bed, doggy style, missionary and riding it too, Zack unloads his balls and then gets a taste of his friends juicy goo!

Bare Twinks – Bareback Boys Squirt In Unison!



It’s a loving fuck between these two gorgeous boys, making out and groping for dick in the bedroom. The sensuality and lust between these boys is off the scale, proven by the bareback fucking these two experienced young men deliver! They may be young, but as these two swap their solid cocks and tight butt holes in a raw flip flop with perfect speed and pace you know they’re more experienced than most their age! (more…)

Bare Twinks – Three Hung Friends Share Dicks!


Three of the horniest and most impressively hung boys are all together, with a camera to film their own antics too as they strip and suck cock. All three hung boys get plenty of dick from their friends in this one, but Carmen Delano is especially lucky as he takes the cocks of both of his bareback friends (Jason Valencia and Jasper Robinson), passed from one to another and thrown around the bed before ultimately being splashed with their jerked out cum loads! Damn, we would all love to be him, right?

Bare Twinks – An Unscheduled Student Romp


We’d all find time to fit Scott Alexander into our busy school schedule, and JR Adams wastes no time when the offer is presented. The student boys strip, stroke and suck each other with the kind of skill you might expect from horny teens with cum loads to spill, but it’s the anal JR takes from that naked uncut cock that really has Scott splashing his cum out, and getting a taste of JR’s cream to finish!

Bare Twinks – A Cummy Sensual Bareback Fucking



Handsome young Justin Cross arrives in the bedroom to find his young sweet lover boy Kyle Rhodes waiting for him. Their loving greeting sets the theme for this sensual pairing as the boys kiss and caress each other, gradually revealing their impressive hard cocks for sucking. Taking turns on each others large members the lovers increase the passion until Justin is easing his sheathed cock into his bottom buddy, but don’t worry, that condom doesn’t last long!