Beddable Boys

BeddableBoys – Poolside Butt Humping Boys


KC Williams has a thick and long cock that no horny bottom boy can resist! Young and cute Jason Raze definitely can’t refuse it in this poolside butt humping session with the lad hopping on and sliding down those solid inches. He gets the cum fucked out of him before KC pulls his pole free and jerks out a cum eruption all over the slim lads body!

BeddableBoys – Sensual Butt Sex For The Boys


Hard and horny can be great, but for Blair Mason and Tyler Berke it’s a slow and sensuous cock swapping, love making and dick riding until their salty loads are ready to be purged. The boys begin with some licking and sucking, servicing each other the way lovers should, but Blair Mason need some ass to ride and Tyler opens up. He fucks the cum load out of the boy, and then it’s his turn to get his butt stuffed too! Even though Tyler has already pumped the contents of his balls out, he lets his friend ride it until he’s cumming over Tyler’s body too!

BeddableBoys – 3 Hard And Hung Bedroom Boners


We join Austin Parker, Jesse Jacobs and Mike Clarkson just in time to enjoy the shared cock sucking as the three gorgeous boys lick and slurp on each others hard cocks. All three lads have some truly juicy cocks to share and they all get a taste before a threeway fuck train begins! Mike Clarkson is the center of attention as Austin fucks him from behind and Jesse feeds the boy his cock. And after a fuck like that you can bet there’s a lot of cum flooding out of those shafts for Mike to take all over his hot body!

BeddableBoys – Poolside Circle Jerking


All guys stroke their cocks, and plenty of guys stroke their cocks with other guys too. KC Williams, Billy Windsor, Turk Melrose and Winter Vance are enjoying an afternoon by the pool, stiff dicks in hand and jerking themselves off while they appreciate all the inches of man meat around them. Jerking leads to some sucking too, and you know that leads to a lot of messy happy endings!

BeddableBoys – Live Pool Side Sex Show


Jason Raze and Billy Windsor are making out at the pool when their cocks start to thicken up and demand more. They might not know they’re being watched by a muscle hunk stroking his cock and imagining it’s his dick sliding into Jason’s tight little pucker, but soon he’s there and the lad is riding his hard dick as all the guys around the pool enjoy the live show!

BeddableBoys – Poolside Cock Sharing Session


Winter Vance, Turk Melrose, KC Williams, and Billy Windsor are all enjoying a day at the pool when their lust for hard cock takes over. But with everyone’s cocks out on show and ready to be pleasured is it any wonder they’re all soon hard and ready for action? They split off into their respective teams to enjoy some more private fun with each other, and we follow Winter and Turk for some totally sexy mutual cock sucking!

BeddableBoys – Twink Boys Shared Jerking


Guys do all kinds of things together, and even straight boys stroke their cocks to porn together sometimes. Their wives and girlfriends might not know it, but those trips guys take together often involve some shared jerk off session! Blair Mason and Logan Miles are kicking back and appreciating their own cocks in this shared jerk off session, just two horny boys sharing a hobby and shooting some cum side-by-side, like all good buds do!

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