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Belami Online – Nate Donaghy Fucks Sven Basquiat – 11809


right-to-the-point-belamionline-3right-to-the-point-belamionline-4right-to-the-point-belamionline-5right-to-the-point-belamionline-6right-to-the-point-belamionline-9right-to-the-point-belamionline-10right-to-the-point-belamionline-11right-to-the-point-belamionline-13right-to-the-point-belamionline-17right-to-the-point-belamionline-18right-to-the-point-belamionline-19It seems that for Sven Basquiat, sex is a magical gift that has to be accepted anytime it is offered…. even when you don’t have so much time. Today’s scene is Sven’s first proper outing here on BelAmiOnline and we are happy that it is such a firecracker of a scene. Director Lukas Ridgeston has tried hard to give us a break from our normal format here, so you should be prepared for something a little less traditional. His partner today is Nate Donaghy, and the chemistry between the 2 literally jumps off the screen. (more…)

Belami Online – Hoyt Kogan, Jerome Exupery, Helmut Huxley Pt 2- 10399


Kudos to all of you who guessed it right. Our follow up to last weeks 3way has Helmut bottoming this time for Jerome and Hoyt. Our boys holiday seems to have gotten off to a flying start, spying on an orgy and having their own welcome fuck. To find out what and who lies in store for them next week, just take a look down in our quickies section to see the preview for next weeks scene. Jerome Exupery, Hoyt Kogan, Helmut Huxley (more…)

Belami Online – Hoyt Kogan, Jerome Exupery, Helmut Huxley Pt 1- 10398


last-sum-greece-pt3-belamionline-8last-sum-greece-pt3-belamionline-9last-sum-greece-pt3-belamionline-10last-sum-greece-pt3-belamionline-11last-sum-greece-pt3-belamionline-12last-sum-greece-pt3-belamionline-14Spying on the 6 Greek Gods from the beach while they had their orgy in the last episode of ‘Last Summer in Greece’ left Helmut, Hoyt and Jerome so horny that they had to find a way to release all that sexual tension with each other. Seeing the BelAmi boys in their seaside Greek villa reminds one of a group of frat boys playing around and helping each other out like a group of frat brothers. In today’s scene it’s Jerome’s turn to be the bottom for his buddies so he ends up being Hoyt and Helmets boy toy for the afternoon as they twist and turn him in various positions and have their way with the angelic blonde. (more…)

Belami Online – Nate Donaghy, Jason Bacall – 11554


bel-ami-online-nate-donaghy-fucks-jason-bacall-raw-002bel-ami-online-nate-donaghy-fucks-jason-bacall-raw-003bel-ami-online-nate-donaghy-fucks-jason-bacall-raw-005bel-ami-online-nate-donaghy-fucks-jason-bacall-raw-006bel-ami-online-nate-donaghy-fucks-jason-bacall-raw-008bel-ami-online-nate-donaghy-fucks-jason-bacall-raw-009Sometimes the best laid plans can go astray as is the case today with Jason Bacall and Nate Donaghy. The boys plan to go out jogging and see a little bit more of Budapest, but in the end decide that another form of exertion could do just as well in helping them keep fit. Today’s scene has Nate Donaghy on top fucking Jason Bacall, who seems to enjoy it so much that he ends up shooting his load a little earlier than expected. (more…)

Belami Online – Jerome Exupery, Liam Efron – 11525


a-tale-of-two-boys-belamionline-9a-tale-of-two-boys-belamionline-10a-tale-of-two-boys-belamionline-11a-tale-of-two-boys-belamionline-12a-tale-of-two-boys-belamionline-14a-tale-of-two-boys-belamionline-15a-tale-of-two-boys-belamionline-16a-tale-of-two-boys-belamionline-17Today’s scene has a bit of a backstory to it. Jerome Exupery actually first met Liam Efron when he was traveling back from a shoot in Budapest. Apparently, the 2 hit it off really well (or maybe I should say ‘got off together’) and the next week Liam had joined as part of the BelAmi team. Today Jerome is offering to recreate that initial meeting for us, this time on camera…. with the addition of some solid pounding as well. (more…)