Black Boy Addictionz

BBA – The Puppy and the Tyga


King is a shy black teen with a smooth, dark-skinned body and a cute bubble-butt. Lil Tyga is an aggressive older “top” who is always on the prowl for fresh meat.
I couldn’t wait to see what would happen when I introduced the older BBA veteran to this newest and youngest model on the BBA roster, who also happens to be Beno’s foster “baby brother”! (more…)

BBA – Saturday Night Reunion


Cory and Tay have stayed in touch and become good friends since first meeting during their erotic “handcuffs” scene together.
See for yourself what spontaneously happened later that night when these long-distance friends got back to the hotel and simply couldn’t keep their horny hands off each other…. (more…)

BBA – Always Up For A Challenge


When I finally invited Tay back for another weekend visit, the biggest problem I faced was finding somebody capable of taking the skinny black boy’s huge dick!
So when new guy Royal, a recent model applicant with a handsome face and a thick bubble-butt, REQUESTED to do his first scene with Tay, I decided to make his porn wish come true. (more…)