Boy For Sale

Boy For Sale: The Boy Austin – CHAPTER 2: The Auction


Austin presents his bare, virgin hole to the crowd, fondled and fingered as the bids come in. Once sold, he’s at the mercy of his new owner. He’s assessed, touched, teased, and stretched open by his new master’s massive cock as the handsome older man gets acquainted with his new property. Austin stays obedient through his fear of the strange, new superior, doing whatever he wants, however he wants it… a huge turn on for the boy, and he can’t help leaking precum. boy-for-sale-austin-young-chapter-2-003boy-for-sale-austin-young-chapter-2-004

With his hole opened and warmed up, he gets broken in by the older man’s large cock, freed from his virginity and marked by his thick, powerful seed.
From the perspective of Master Legrand, Austin’s little boy cock felt like a trophy in his hand. Hard, but most importantly, earned. Even though he knew he owned him, it was even hotter to think the boy was turned on. The man didn’t know what was going on inside the boy’s head, but every response the boy gave the man, proved the boy’s loyalty and obedience. (more…)

Boy For Sale: Austin Young – CHAPTER 1: The Merchandise


Breaking a boy in is hard work. Even when they want it – when they know they need it – it’s truly more of a delicate art than a science. You have to study the boy, feel his body, feel his will, find where he’s his strongest – and where he’s his most vulnerable.

When I found little Austin, he was alone and cold on the street. He appeared frail, too small and thin to be a man full grown. It wasn’t until I thoroughly assessed him that I found that this was just his natural way. He would always seem small and frail. And in my experience, that is what many of my clients find the most sexy. (more…)

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