College Dudes

CollegeDudes – Tom Faulk Fucks Alex Vaara


Tom Faulk gives Alex Vaara a pounding in this steamy video. These two had a real connection from the first time they met, which was several months before we filmed them together. When they found out that they were paired up, they were both excited. Tom and Alex begin making out, and Alex is eager to worship Toms lean athletic body. After giving Tom some TLC, Alex goes down on Tom. Alex licks, slurps, and deep-throats his way around Toms hard cock, then the two trade places as Tom goes down on Alex. Alex and Tom enjoy each others blowjobs, and it shows! Tom is eager to get into Alexs ass, however, and soon Tom is fingering Alex – slowly loosening up his hot tight hole for what is about to come. (more…)

CollegeDudes – Damien Diego Fucks Ryan Dyser


Damien Diego sizzles in his first fuck scene with Ryan Dyser. Damien had never fucked a guy before but Ryan really got him going. After each of these hotties sucked each other off, Damien spread Ryans legs and really let him have it. You can see how much Ryan loved it by the great expressions he makes while Damien is pounding away! FLASH VIDEO AVAILABLE FOR MEMBERS (more…)

CollegeDudes – Trent, Kyle & Alex


Trent Ferris, Kyle Harley, and Alex Jordan give us an extraordinarily hot threeway in this scene. Alex is hungry for cock, and both Trent and Alex both love getting their dicks wet! The action begins with these three college guys making out and tugging at each others crotches, and before long both Kyle and Alex are both sucking off Trent. Trent loves having two guys go down on him at once, and Kyle and Alex are practically fighting over whose throat his cock is sliding into! Alex keeps sucking on Trent as he begins to suck on Kyle, and after a few more minutes of oral pleasuring all around, Alex is ready for a cock buried deep inside his ass! FLASH VIDEO AVAILABLE FOR MEMBERS (more…)

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