– Issue 10 – scene 1


Damian Chapelle and Nino Valens-Sex Scene 1–Click To Watch at!
Damian Chapelle and Nino Valens-Sex Scene 1Nino_Damian_0002Nino_Damian_0003Nino_Damian_0004Nino_Damian_0005
For this week’s issue, we selected Nino Valens and Damien Chapelle as your cover boys. This role reversal is surprising even for us. In this instance, Damien, the superior top, is bottoming, and Nino the higher-caliber bottom- is topping. Regardless of positions, they are a beautiful couple! (more…) Online Photo-Video Galleries – 13

128-freshmen-14200’s Day Sale: 33% Off Thru 02/14/2018
121-freshmen-14195Issue 59 Scene 1 – Serge Cavalli & Enrique Vera part 1
122-freshmen-14322Issue 59 Scene 2 – Serge Cavalli & Enrique Vera part 2
123-freshmen-13700Issue 60 Scene 1 – Joel Birkin & Christian Lundgren
124-freshmen-14196Issue 60 Scene 2 – Pip Caulfield & Andre Boleyn
125-freshmen-13705Issue 61 Scene 1 – Benoit Ulliel & Andre Boleyn
126-freshmen-14198Issue 61 Scene 2 – Luca Carrera & Liam Efron
127-freshmen-14199Issue 62 Scene 1 – Felix Gaul & Dylan Maguire
128-freshmen-14200Issue 62 Scene 2 – Nino Valens & Justin Saradon
129-freshmen-14201Issue 63 Scene 1 – Kirk Gauguin & Jason Bacall
130-freshmen-14202Issue 63 Scene 2 – Sven Basquiat & Pip Caulfield’s Day Sale: 33% Off Thru 02/14/2018 – Issue 8 – Models of the week


Lars Norgaard & Kevin Warhol: Lars Norgaard’s first scene was with Kevin Warhol as was his first photo session. To divide the material justly, the scene will be shown here on Freshmen at Christmas time, and the photo session a week earlier on BelAmiOnline. Today’s images are from the hardcore photo shoot taken at the same time as the scene. I guess if you still don’t like Lars by now it may be the time to cancel the subscription! (more…) – Issue 8 – scene 2


Orri Aasen & Igor Voronin – Sex Scene 2 – Click To Watch at!
Orri Aasen&Igor Voronin-Sex Scene 2OrriAasen_IgorVoronin_002OrriAasen_IgorVoronin_003OrriAasen_IgorVoronin_004OrriAasen_IgorVoronin_005
When we were asking you questions about a year ago regarding what you wanted to see in Freshmen, we promised to give you all the boys, even those who didn’t pass their finals with us. Igor Voronin is one of them. We shot 2 scenes with him, 1 of which you see here and then handed him over to Vlado Iresch. In case you are of a different opinion I am sure we can still shoot more with him. (more…) – Issue 8 – scene 1


Liam Efron & Dylan Maguire – Sex Scene 1 – Click To Watch at!
Liam Efron & Dylan Maguire - Sex Scene 1
Some of you are under the impression that Liam Efron is a little bit hyperactive. I guess the same thing can also be said about Dylan Maguire, so we decided to try and combine their energies and see if the sexual dynamic worked. For some reason (maybe it was Marty’s sometimes sleepishness) the scene didn’t turn out how we expected it would, but it is certainly good and worth watching. (more…) – Issue 7 – scene 2


Shane Sanders & Bastian Dufy – Sex Scene 2 – Click To Watch at!
Shane Sanders & Bastian Dufy - Sex Scene 2
Shane Sanders doesn’t pass for a typical beauty but he certainly does have sex appeal for some of our customers. Kevin Warhol, who was Shane’s personal trainer in preparing him for shooting summed it up with ‘there is a genuine sluttishness about him that will make him a good performer’. Let’s see if Kevin was right. (more…) – Issue 6 – Models of the week


Joel Birkin & Lars Norgaard – Double Solo
Joel Birkin & Lars Norgaard - Double SoloJoel_Lars_003Joel_Lars_004Joel_Lars_006Joel_Lars_007Joel_Lars_008
In our step by step with Lars, we have graduated to the level of mutual jerk off. It may seem to some of you that this is a fairly easy and straightforward step, but in reality it was not easy to create a porn star from Lars, and it was anything but easy. Obviously from this scene, Lars has equipment to easily compete with Joel’s, so now we just have to wait and see if he learns how to use it. (more…)