Gay Teen Studio

Gay Teen Studio – GTS – Marat – 3


Sweet Mother Of Fuck, Marat! If this boy was my boy, this ‘Daddy’ would be teaching him a new game ‘Daddy’ just thought up. The game is called ‘Family Food’, and the rules are simple: ‘Daddy’ gets to taste Marat’s dick, eat Marat’s asshole, and swallow Marat’s cum…then its only fair that ‘Daddy’ gets to feed his Baby-Boy some stiff ‘Daddy-Dick’! Best thing about this game? Everybody wins, ’cause everybody cums! (more…)

Gay Teen Studio – GTS – Gleb: Down By The Lake


Gleb is such a naughty boy..! The boy-next-door, Gleb, is naked and playing around in the lake behind your house again, Mister! I think he must be horny, too, because he’s walking around with a stiff dick, and I’m pretty sure I saw him playing it… By the way, I talked to your wife when she headed into town, and she asked me to remind you she’s gonna be spending every weekend at her Mom’s this summer…looks to me like you might be having a very good summer…(I’m just sayin’…)!! (more…)

Gay Teen Studio – GTS – Roma


Have you ever noticed how some boys only want to hang-out inside the house all day, no matter how nice the day is, nor how many bicycles and skateboards you’ve bought for them? It’s almost enough to drive a guy crazy, but…since Roma usually decides to hang out naked…and since he has an almost perpetual hard-on, this ‘Daddy’ is inclined to over-‘lick’ it..!! (more…)

Gay Teen Studio – GTS – Gleb + Valentine


If I had to choose which boys I consider to be the most beautiful on the planet, both Gleb and Valentine would rate right up there in my top-ten favorites. When I look at these photos of the two of them sucking and fucking each other, words like ‘Daddy’s Boys’ and ‘Brother-Fuckers’ dance naked across the innermost ‘secret’ recesses of my oh-so-dirty little mind… I wanna suck ’em, I wanna fuck ’em, I wanna be their ‘Daddy’!! (more…)

Gay Teen Studio – GTS – Marat – 2


I don’t know what it is about Marat, been when I see him lounging around like a contented kitten on my sofa, this ‘Daddy’s’ dick starts squirming around like I’ve got a puppy in the front of my pants! Do you think maybe it’s because the sight of a naked boy with a big dick and a smooth butt brings out the ‘animal’ in me? (more…)

Gay Teen Studio – GTS – Gleb: Good Wood


I don’t know the purpose of the wooden table in this photo-set, and I’m certainly no expert when it comes to antiques. One thing I do know, though, is good wood when I see it, and that stiff dick sticking up from Gleb’s chiseled young body is definitely some ‘good wood’! (more…)

Gay Teen Studio – GTS – Semyon


I’m sure you’ve noticed there are some boys that you take a look at, fully dressed, and you think “Damn, I’d like to see that boy naked.” Well, when Gay Teen Studio found Semyon, they knew they had found a boy just like that. We wanna see him naked. We wanna see him hard. But, most of all, we wish we could suck the cum from his stiff young perfect boy-cock! (more…)