Gay Teen Studio

Gay Teen Studio – Semyon


I’m sure you’ve noticed there are some boys that you take a look at, fully dressed, and you think “Damn, I’d like to see that boy naked.” Well, when Gay Teen Studio found Semyon, they knew they had found a boy just like that. We wanna see him naked. We wanna see him hard. But, most of all, we wish we could suck the cum from his stiff young perfect boy-cock! (more…)

Gay Teen Studio – Marat


I’m not usually the kind of guy who gets jealous of another guy’s good fortune, but then I got to thinking, “Some lucky son-of-a-bitch gets to take these boy’s pictures, and I sure as heck wish it was me!” He gets to see boys like Marat naked, be alone with them, watch them get their dicks hard (and hopefully helps them with that), and he gets to see them cum! (If I had the chance to change places with this guy, I’d use my mouth to get the boys hard, and I’d use my tongue to clean up all those hot loads of boy-cum)! (more…)

Gay Teen Studio – Gosha + Valentine: Hot Ass Fuck!




In Daddy’s Dreams…Daddy would have his face buried right there in the middle of his Baby-Boys’ sweet Brotherly Fuck!

As a ‘versatile’ bisexual ‘Daddy’, this photo-set ‘makes my dick twitch’ on several different levels. First, I like to pretend the boys are brothers, and mine, and I’m watching them fuck. To make that scenario even hotter for me, I like to imagine I’m stripping out of my jeans to join them. Other times, I switch back and forth from trading places with Gosha, getting my tight ass deliciously fucked by Valentin; and taking Valentin’s place, fucking the shit out of Gosha’s tight young perfect ass! In any case, I hope you enjoy these beautiful boys as much as I do! (more…)