Harlem Hookups

HarlemHookups – Bareback Buddies


Tristan and I were waiting around for Zaq. He was taking forever. He was hitting us up all week saying he wanted to get tag teamed. But we got too horny and i ended up with a dick in me before he arrived! But he showed up before either of us could bust our nuts. Apparently he was busy getting dick! Because when he showed up and we started fuckin him; he was already full of nut! We finished off cleaning up in the shower where my face got pretty plastered with thick globs of nut from both of those big white dicks at the same time!

HarlemHookups – Zaq Loves Ass Tristan Loves Throat


Late nights are always the horniest for me. Especially in the summer! So i decided to hit up my buds and see how many i could get to come by and dick me good! I scored with Zaq and Tristan! Zaq wanted to come by and plant his big raw white dick in my ass and Tristan wanted to fuck my face silly! I tried to set it up to where these two would get here around the same time but you know how hookups go! lol. But any way i got these two hot big dicked white studs to drop by and use me. And in the process they finally met in crossing! Needless to say they were into each other and eager to use me together. I think this could be the beginning of a great fuckship! 🙂

HarlemHookups – Thirsty Thursdays


One of those days where u need multiple dicks a day! So I was hanging out in the burbs visiting some friends. And I got hit up on grindr by one of those no face or pic DL grindr dudes. But i was pretty horny so I thought WTF and i answered. Turns out after talking he knows who i am and suggest we record it as long as he could be discreet. He said he had busted so many nuts to watching me suck dick, he wanted to see his serviced too! Now this dude had a super thick redneck accent so most of the time i had no idea what the fuck he was saying. But i was completely enjoying him fucking my throat it didn't matter! So I met him in his back yard in the shed and got straight to work! To my surprise i wasn't disappointed. He fed me dick and left in such a hurry i never got to nut. Which led me to some midnight raw caramel dick!

HarlemHookups – Breed It Deep


I just wanted to play video games! Then I just wanted to suck dick! Somewhere along the way i ended up getting fucked hard and deep seeded! But I have no complaints! Im always eager to take a load from a hot white dude with a big ass dick! Oh! And guess what guys!? Matt is coming back! You know they cant stay away for too long! Stay tuned he's coming up soon!

HarlemHookups – Bareback Geek


This dude is a geek bud of mine who bought a dude over a while back to tag team me! You guys have seen the vid ;-). Well anyway he came by to “watch some TV” is what he told his GF! lol. But instead he was stuffing his dick in my holes! This dude had me all bent up trying to get his nut. I love aggressive white boys. Any way he shot a big ass load all over my face right before i released mine!

HarlemHookups – Nut Gusher


Tommy Is one of those big shooters and a quiet type! He loves coming over and smoking bowls and seeing how many times i can get him off! He stayed over and the next morning i woke him up with some wet morning dome! He more than rewarded me with a huge load! I love the way his dick gushes nut into the air! I didn’t stopped there tho i edged him well into the afternoon and made his dick spit just as hard if not harder! Nut of course after he left i still wanted more nut. And by this time i had a bad case of blue balls! So i had my military but stop by and he fucked my face like he loves doing till i balls released all the work up from the day!