Taking A Raw Load In His Hole

10 Taking A Raw Load In His Hole

Greco Rai is a very talented young man, as well as being totally horny and gorgeous too! He’s filming the fun as Cole Claire owns his raw ass in this video, starting with some sucking but soon breaking into hardcore fucking as Cole sinks his length into his chute and rails him on the bed! The boy manages to catch plenty of the action, making us feel like we’re there as Cole makes him cum all over himself and then shoots his own load in the boys butt! The cum oozing out of his ass at the end is so hot to see!

Bareback Buddies In A Live Fuck Show

09 Bareback Buddies In A Live Fuck Show

Cody Long and Nico Michaelson are experienced performers who love nothing more than firing up their camera and delivering a live sex show for their adoring fans, they love showing off knowing guys all around the world are jacking off to it. We get right in there as the boys suck on those dicks and taste their precum, but it’s the bareback fucking as Nico slides his throbbing dick into his friend that really has cum loads rising. Don’t unleash that jizz too early, you’ll want to see Nico spunking over his boyfriends hole and sliding his cummy cock right back into Cody’s used butt hole!

Nico Loves A Cummy Butt Hole

08 Nico Loves A Cummy Butt Hole

Andy Kay and Nico Michaelson sure know how to please their fans with some great bareback fucking! Nico gets sucking on his lovers delicious dick in this POV action, kicking off what we already know is going to be a cum-inducing scene. With a taste of Nico’s ass on his tongue Andy is soon craving the feel of his naked chute hugging his helmet, within moments he’s slipping his bare boner into that tight pucker and following it up with every hard inch of his shaft! It’s amazing the boy holds his cum back as long as he does, but the jizzy finish the guys share at the end is truly amazing. Check out that cummy cock sliding back into Nico’s hole!

Pool Cues And Balls At The Ready

07 Pool Cues And Balls At The Ready

Give horny boys a camera and it’s inevitable that cocks will come out! Jasper Robinson and Elijah Young take a simple pool game to new heights as they start to film themselves, and the arrival of Tyler Thayer is only going to make their game even more immense! The boys film their frantic dick pleasing fun as Tyler gets both cocks, sucking on his friends and then getting bareback fucked right there on the table! Sucking one and fucked by the other he takes it to the sofa where more delicious dicking ensues before the boys finally can’t take any more and their cum begins to spill!

Two Horny Boys and a Camera

06 Two Horny Boys and a Camera

With a couple of cameras to film their fun horny lovers Blake Anderson and Greco Rai invite us into their bedroom to share their cock fun. The boys start off slow, making out and stripping down, revealing their naked bodies and throbbing dicks for each other. With some sucking and rimming Greco’s perfect young ass is soon being filled with that big bare dick as Blake owns him all over the bed! Greco manages to film some of the action with his selfie stick, but soon all he can think about is the pleasure as his dick begins to erupt cum all over himself! Blake’s naked cock is loving that tight chute, but it’s too much with all that cum spent and he’s soon pulling out to decorate his lover with his own juices too!

A Not So Private Twink Fuck

05 A Not So Private Twink Fuck

It might have been a little while since you last stepped into a horny twinks bedroom, but we’re being welcomed to the fun with horny boys Blake Anderson and Connor Jacobs as they take us on a private journey with them! The boys have some cameras set up and another to take us right into the action for some POV fun as they feast on those hard young dicks. Of course it doesn’t stop with oral, Connor’s big bare dick is soon easing into his friends perfectly tight little ass for some fucking, in some great positions too as they film all the fun for us. You’ll be erupting cock juice too when you see young Blake being splashed after all that great action!

Bareback Boyfriends Home Movie

03 Bareback Boyfriends Home Movie

Forget all the boring celebrations and events, these boys know what a real home video should be about! Nico Michaelson and Tyler Thayer shoot their fun with a great combo of cameras, including hand held to get us right into the fun as they swap their hard young cocks in some delicious oral. Hung Tyler is soon seeking out that tight ass, and his friend is happy to ride it too, quite literally as he ends up bouncing on that naked length and splashing his juice from his dick in the process! With Tyler soon on the edge he pulls his cock out just enough to shoot his cream all over his boyfriends hole!

POV Bareback Boys Bust Some Loads Out

02 POV Bareback Boys Bust Some Loads Out

It certainly feels as though we’re right there with bareback boys Jasper Robinson and Tyler Thayer in this POV fuck session as they sucking on those tasty boners and build up to the main event. No doubt you already have your cock in your fist as you watch Jasper and Tyler sucking and rimming, but when you see that long cock Jasper has sinking into his friends ass and fucking him deep and raw all over the bed you’ll be fighting to stop yourself from cumming too early!

A Sensual Bareback Cummy Mess

01 A Sensual Bareback Cummy Mess

You can tell this isn’t the first time lover boys Alex Aria and Taylor Tyce have filmed themselves fucking. The cameras are perfectly set, with a hand-held too to take us right into the fun as thick-dicked boy Taylor fills his boyfriend with his impressive cock and fucks him all over the bed, filling his hole with hot cum and finishing with Alex spurting out a mess for him to lick up! You’ll feel like you’re right there with them as you splash out your own goo!