Japan Boyz

JapanBoyz – Takumi & Takero Take Turns


Adding to the New Year, JapanBoyz has a new model, Takeru. He’s a 22 year old bartender who’s Bi. Takumi is back; this hottie has such a cute face and fat cock, he’s be-cumming a fan favorite. As the boys get comfy, in each other’s mouth, you can see why we paired them. Takumi slides his face down; damn, Takeru is fit and sexy. Pulling out his partner’s big cock, Takumi seems pleased to serve. Relishing the feeling, Takeru encourages his boy to, swallow more before he reciprocates. On the receiving end of Takeru’s lips, Takumi is out of his clothes quickly and stretching those undies. Plumping Takumi’s sizeable cock, Takeru licks and laps up the flavor; the two 69 and both get a mouthful. With a bit more hard work, Takeru grabs his cock and goes to town; his mouth is still stuffed. Lying side by side, some lube is added as each gives a hand to the other. Takumi shoots first; Takeru is surprised by the distance. Hand still dirty, Takeru reaches over, taking his own cock, and jerks fast. Oozing out onto his groin, the newbie adds a nice pool to the fun.

JapanBoyz – Khan Gets His Boy


I tell ya, Khan is just a lucky fuck-him; today, with Tomohisa, the two play as Khan tops, and Tomohisa shares his beautiful hole on JapanBoyz.com. With the two getting right to it, Khan, in the pink shirt, explores and undresses his boy. Tomohisa, with his perfect skin and exquisite trimmed groin, also has a nice sized cock to suck; Khan takes full advantage, with his mouth. Working on Khan, Tomohisa lets those gorgeous lips lock around Khan’s cock; the two 69 and explore. (more…)

JapanBoyz – Manabu Meets Tomahisa


It doesn’t get much better than this. Two of our hottest new young models, Manabu, a top by definition and Tomohisa, a youngster learning the ropes and figuring out what he likes. They start with some foreplay that leads to Tomohisa exploring Manabu’s goods. Manabu stands and watching his facial expressions and abs tighten and flex, I’d say he’s enjoying Tomohisa’s oral skills. (more…)

JapanBoyz – Tomahisa’s Solo


Tomohisa is 18 and from Chiba, one of the 47 Prefectures of Japan. Chatting, he is single, gay and needs not only money but, more sex in my life. I think this slim hottie will have no problem getting some love here at JapanBoyz.com. Very sensual in his movements, I film Tomohisa and get lost in his presence. Undressed, he hangs a leg over the chair as he strokes; looking at his beautiful hole, I am hoping he is a bottom and offer a toy. (more…)

JapanBoyz – Kazuki & Kai’s Playtime


We already know what Kazuki can do with his own cock, today he has brought a friend along for some strap-on play. Open to the fun, Kai begins with a little kiss before he lies back and is serviced. Getting it all ready, Kazuki rims the boy as well; Kai follows with a double dose of cock for this JapanBoyz video. Fingering the twink’s hairy hole, Kazuki uses multiple digits to stretch the boy. Sliding Kai’s legs far apart, the top works his natural toy in. Thrusting and intertwined, they go at it rhythmically before Kai rides. As the camera catches the sloppy seduction, the bottom’s abilities to edge both he and his partner are evident. Side by side they tug; Kazuki creams first followed by an equally luscious load from Kai.

JapanBoyz – Fuji Mounts New Boy Yuto


We meet our new boy Yuto in a park, and find that he’s up for getting together with Fuji, a handsome top around the same age. At first giggly and a bit awkward, once they strip down and Yuto gets a taste of Fuji’s already stiff cock his natural instincts take over. His shiny black hair falls down in his face as he greedily stuffs his mouth with delicious young dick. Fuji likes what he sees and tastes as well, and the two young college guys rim and 69 to get to know each others’ smooth lean bodies. (more…)

JapanBoyz – Fuji Rabbit Fucks Takumi


Takumi is a bit formal in his starched dress shirt, and kisses Fuji awkwardly, but Fuji knows how to warm him up. Off comes the shirt and down the checked underwear, revealing a fully stiff prick ready to rumble. They trade turns sucking on each other’s firm hard meat, and Fuji is careful to flick a finger across Takumi’s nipple, knowing he likes that. While Takumi is relaxed and lying down, Fuji lubes up and inserts two fingers to get his hole ready to fuck. (more…)