Japan Boyz

Japan Boyz – Kaorukun Gets Fucked

12 Japan Boyz - Kaorukun Gets Fucked

Kaorukun is back with us here on Japanboyz and this time he has a sexy friend with him. Did I mention horny too? Watch these two young Japanese boys get down and dirty! The boys start out with some kissing and fondling getting to know one another better. What’s this? Kaorukun’s playmate has some rather unique “cock underwear.” That’s okay, no problem for Kaorukun, off it goes and on goes Kaorukun’s mouth. After a hot little 69 session, it’s time to get Kaorukun’s ass lubed up for a finger or two before the his playmate gives him the real thing. They fuck in all sorts of positions and one I’ve not tried myself. The action is hot, the cumshot is even hotter!

Japan Boyz – Four To Adore

08 Japan Boyz - Four To Adore

In their apartment and enjoying an evening of fun and laughter, all of these Japanboyz know where this evening is headed. First, Ryoma sneaks off for a quick feel. As he plays and hardens, he reaches into his underwear. That’s when the rest of the boys come in; this is where the fun begins. Bringing himself up, Ryoma’s got his hands full, luckily Khan can grab the gel and lube up his bud. The other’s “follow suit,” and strip. Hands start going everywhere; from now on, I’ll just say, “those lucky boys are very helpful.” Lifting up Ryoma’s legs, the others show off his hole, hairy and hungry. As the “bottom boy,” tries to cop a feel from Fuji, they both realize that “this mountain,” has oozed out some precum. That, with a bit more tugging, sends Ryoma over the edge, as he spews. Pairing up, Khan and Ryoma begin to kiss; Fuji and Yayoi lock lips as well. The coupling gets even hotter as fingering turns into fucking, “butt,” that’s for the next video. So “cum” back, and watch these guys explore and explode.

Japan Boyz – Four To Adore Finale

07 Japan Boyz - Four To Adore Finale

As four goes to three, Fuji’s hard dick is readied for Yayoi. Sliding down, and taking it for a ride, Yayoi also manages his mouth onto Khan. The trio settles in for some fun, changing positions and enjoying their evening “in.” On his back, the bottom boy is easily stimulated by Fuji’s pumping; Khan’s mouth and hands also help. When it’s time for Fuji to blow, both Yayoi and Khan line up, face first. Blowing a thick treat for the boys, Fuji’s dick is then licked and sealed with a kiss. Khan then takes matters into his own hands, as he holds Yayoi’s dick. Blowing up the torso of Yayoi, Khan and all these boys know the real benefits of friendship.

Japan Boyz – Doing Fuji, Who Wouldnt?

06 Japan Boyz - Doing Fuji, Who Wouldnt

Fuji and Yura check out Japanboyz and one of their earlier scenes. Looks like these two like to watch as they play; Yura reaches over and grabs a handful of Fuji, who wouldn’t? Getting “interactive,” the pair grind, stroke and kiss one another; Yura even does some nice tongue-on-one with Fuji’s pits. Smelling Fuji’s scent, has Yura wanting more; he rolls the boy up into a ball, and sucks Fuji’s hole. Yura then becomes the focus of Fuji’s tongue, hard cock and all. Working Yura’s balls has him moaning, Fuji is happy to oblige. In a 69 and doing fine, both twinks have their mouths full of each other. Using a double-headed dildo, so no one gets left “behind,” Yura works it into Fuji first, then himself. Fully aroused, Yura pulls out the dildo and puts the “real deal” in Fuji. As the bottom boy’s ass wiggles in delight, Yura just goes harder, again, who wouldn’t? Changing it up with several hot positions, once Fuji is on his back, the boys click on one of their scenes again. Watching and fucking, Yura pulls out just in time for he and Fuji to cum together; loads of oozing goodness pour forth.

Japan Boyz – Makoto Is Full Of Khan Part Two

05 Japan Boyz - Makoto Is Full Of Khan Part Two

Getting a nice view of Makoto, we see why he’s so happy; his mouth is full of Khan. It doesn’t take long for Khan to put Makoto on his back, putting his legs over his head. Tenderly, the top lubes up his partner’s hole and “strokes and pokes.” Going in with two, then three fingers, seems like Makoto is more than happy for the “company.” Khan makes sure his fat cock will fit; he then slides in and starts pumping from the get-go. The boys kiss and moan; guess Khan knows “his hole.” On all fours, Makoto tugs at himself while Khan thrusts from behind, feverishly. Watching these boys’ bodies as they fuck is amazing, their bodies tense and release in unison. Khan rolls Makoto back onto his own lap and pounds from below; this can’t be Khan’s first time “in” Makoto’s apartment, or his last. Together, they masturbate and fondle each other; a very sexy smile and giggle is shared between the two before they cum. Khan sets the bar high, with a huge load that splashes up on Makoto’s torso. With a bit more tugging, Makoto follows with some healthy “streaming” of his own.

Japan Boyz – Center Of Attention

04 Japan Boyz - Center Of Attention

When it comes to group sex, 3 ways or more, there always seems to be one guy that’s the center of attention. Today, Haruto is more than happy to fill the spot with Yuto and our new cummer Masato. Haruto and Yuto are no strangers to one another and they’re here to help Masato get acquainted with how we do things here at Japanboyz. While Yuto reacquaints himself with Haruto, Masato is busy getting to know Haruto and his large Asian endowment. Even before Haruto’s pants come off, it’s obvious that he’s thoroughly enjoying being the “center of attention” in this scene. Yuto and Masato double team Haruto’s cock as there’s plenty to go around. Then Yuto decides to face fuck Haruto leaving Masato to get better “acquainted” down below. Joining forces again, Haruto gladly lays back and let’s the two of them have their way. The excitement is a bit too much for Yuto and he’s ready to blow; and blow he does. All over Haruto’s chest. That pushes Haruto right to the edge and he unloads on his stomach adding to the cum pool. Not leaving our new cummer out, Haruto and Yuto both kiss and suck on Masato’s nipples until he blows streams of jizz all over himself.

Japan Boyz – Fun Fuku For Both Boys 2

03 Japan Boyz - Fun Fuku For Both Boys 2

“Paying for the pleasure,” Shosei is on his knees and ass up, ready to please Kaoru. Working an anal toy in the boy, Kaoru seems pleased with the “tight” fit. Next with his fingers in, Shosei then flips over for some hot docking. Ready, the boys “lock in” as Shosei thrusts. The “pieces” fit together nicely, but now it’s time for Kaoru’s hole to “pay it forward.” Fingering his partner, Shosei caresses and arouses as the pair switch places. Rocking his hips to enter, Shosei has his partner moaning. Turning the boy onto his knees, the squeaking bed isn’t the only thing getting a workout; check out Kaoru’s “wagging tail.” Getting close, Shosei picks up the pace before he pulls out and blows all over his partner; damn, cum-covered. Still “creamed,” Kaoru then gives a nice coating to Shosei’s chin. The twinks finish up with a hot shower and some mutual “soaping.”

Japan Boyz – Odaiba Beach Boyz: Takumi Rides Raw

02 Japan Boyz - Odaiba Beach Boyz - Takumi Rides Raw

Eegii, Ayumu and Takumi make full use of the bed; Takumi is fingered and stroked. As you can see, Eegii is eager to enter; Ayumu kisses and caress while the top and bottom grind on one another. Enjoying the oral-ness of this threesome, Ayumu grabs some lube to keep Takumi open. As the top and bottom connect, Ayumu will wait his turn for now and watch Takumi mount the top’s hard dick on JapanBoyz. Definitely in it to win it, Eegii is having lots of fun with his prize; the bottom is hard from all the fucking. Rolling up the bottom boy, the top pounds as the camera zooms in for a close-up; getting leverage in Takumi, Eegii is soon edging. Pulling out to finish Takumi, the top sucks then fingers. With a, cumming, the bottom blows all over himself as he flushes and squeals, it was awesome. Now, Eegii turns his still hard dick to prize number two, Ayumu.

Japan Boyz – Odaiba Beach Boyz 4: Bukkake Cum Facial

01 Japan Boyz - Odaiba Beach Boyz 4 - Bukkake Cum Facial

Eegii and Ayumu get their turn by the window; this JapanBoyz film is going to have more than one great view. Priming the bottom, Eegii’s fingers explore before he is blown. Using the chair to pair, the top thrusts from below as Ayumu’s hole takes a bit to get used to that big dick. Tapping the right spot, Ayumu’s hard dick waves as he is fucked in various positions; the energy is hot as these two twinks go at it. Pulling out, the top then sucks and strokes his partner until he blows; the pool of fun is substantial. Eegii’s turn to blow has both his bottoms ready for the blast; he blows like a winner.