Latin Boyz

Latin Boyz – Bullet


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19 year old Bullet is bisexual and said he loves sports. In fact that’s how he started experimenting with guys when he was on the wrestling team. One night he was practicing with one of the guys and the next thing he knew the guy was sucking him off. So far he has only done oral with a guy but has confirmed what we all already know: Guys suck dick better than girls.
He’s in the military which is how he keeps his body in such good shape now. He doesn’t wrestle anymore but has no problem finding guys that want to suck on his big Latino cock whenever he gets horny. – Smokin’ Hot Latino Boys with Big Fuckin’ Dicks!

Latin Boyz – Checo and Mig


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The day after doing his solo photo shoot, cute Latin twink Checo sent us a text saying he met a hot guy at the beach that wanted to do a porn video with him. He sent us a picture of Mig and we thought he was cute so we agreed to do the shoot.
As soon as we started shooting it was obvious that Mig was in love with Checo’s smooth round ass but Checo wanted to top. Checo finally agreed to bottom only if Mig did first, resulting in this hot Latino bareback flip-flop. – Smokin’ Hot Latino Boys with Big Fuckin’ Dicks!

Latin Boyz – Menace and Prince Rick


latinboyz-Menace-and-Prince-Rick-001 latinboyz-Menace-and-Prince-Rick-002 latinboyz-Menace-and-Prince-Rick-003 latinboyz-Menace-and-Prince-Rick-004
Our newest model, 19 year old Prince Rick, contacted us after we released our video of Menace fucking a guy for the first time. He let us know that he has been wanting to do porn for a long time and experiencing Menace’s big Honduran dick would be a great start.
For his part Menace was down for fucking another guy especially if he was going to get paid it didn’t hurt that he hadn’t had sex for a couple weeks, either. Rick sucked his dick so good he almost came from that but managed to hold back and fuck him good before both boyz shot their big loads. – Smokin’ Hot Latino Boys with Big Fuckin’ Dicks!

Latin Boyz – Menace


latinboyz-menace-001 latinboyz-menace-002 latinboyz-menace-003
Our newest model Menace is 19 years old and from South Central L.A. He’s originally from Honduras but has lived in the U.S. since he was very young. We were disappointed to find out he is straight and has never been with a guy before.
During his photoshoot our photographer asked him if guys have ever offered money to fool around and he said no. The photographer said, “That’s too bad because we would definitely pay you to fuck one of our other models.” To his surprise Menace just asked “When?” The shoot with another model is scheduled for Monday and we’re hoping he won’t change his mind because we want to see that big Honduran cock fuck one of our smooth assed models. – Smokin’ Hot Latino Boys with Big Fuckin’ Dicks!

Latin Boyz – Raptor

latinboyz-raptor-001 latinboyz-raptor-002 latinboyz-raptor-003
Our photographer had not seen Raptor’s dick hard before the shoot so imagine his surprise when he walked in the room and saw that huge uncut monster cock. We originally offered him the job because of his cute face and sexy abs but got more than our money’s worth when he turned out to have a huge cock and smooth hairless ass, too.
He’s 20 years old from L.A and is half Guatemalan and half Belizean. He’s only had sex with three people in his entire life but never been with a guy yet. Any volunteers to help break him in? – Smokin’ Hot Latino Boys with Big Fuckin’ Dicks!