Miami Boyz

MiamiBoyz – Martin Bottoms For The First Time!


Well, when we came up with the idea of pairing our two most popular models together it was only natural that we have Martin fuck Alan…right? WRONG…we decided to shake everything up and turn it around! We wanted to see Martin get fucked and suck a cock for the VERY FIRST TIME!
Yes, you are going to watch str8 “gay for pay” total top Martin, suck a cock for the very first time but not only that…he’s also going to get his ass fucked for the very first time as well! The boys start out getting to know each other and what better way than by sucking each others thick uncut Latin cocks and we get to see Martin take a cock in his mouth for the first time!
Next Alan slips a finger into Martin’s virgin asshole to try to get him relaxed and loosen him up…not easy since that hole has NEVER had a finger (much less a big uncut cock like Alan has) inside it! After sometime they get the lube out and Alan lubes up his bare cock to take Martin’s cherry! Watch because you can see the exact moment when Alan’s cock penetrates Martin’s asshole and he loses his status of a virgin forever!

MiamiBoyz – First Meeting – Part 2 – Martin and Felix


The fucking hot action continues as Martin and Felix just get hotter and get even dirtier! Felix loves that huge uncut cock and can’t get enough of it. He really wants it in his asshole and so what’s to stop Martin from giving it to him! First he teases him by just putting the massive head of his cock into his hole bare…now they both want to fuck like the animals that they are…so Martin slides his uncut cock into that sluts fuck hole and fucks him in first doggie style and then on his back like a whore until he pulls out and busts his nut all over Felix’s chest who has already shot his load!

MiamiBoyz – First Meeting – Part 1 – Martin and Felix


Martin is one of our most popular models so it was only a matter of time before we paired him up with another popular model Felix! Martin is a total top and once he gets hard he stays that way until he cums. First we get to enjoy both of the models getting naked outside in the exotic rainforest next to a river. Felix can’t wait to get down on his knees and get that thick uncut black cock into his slutty cock sucking mouth! Martin is famous for his amazing cock and Felix is known for his amazing ability to take a cock so the pairing was only natural as you soon see in part 1 of this amazing encounter! After giving him head and getting him nice and hard Martins wants to fuck that tight ass…see that in Part 2 next!

MiamiBoyz – Uncut Duo Cock Sucking


We have seen Chico before when he appeared the first time sucking Edgar’s cock and then he got a load of cum shot in his face. Well, he must have enjoyed his first time because he’s back and this time he’s with a friend named Omar. Omar is 18 years old like Chico and they both are very horny young bi-boys that are up for anything so get ready for a wide ride! They start our by sucking each other’s cocks! Next a cold beer really gets them in the mood (remember it’s legal at 18 where they live) and they have a lot of fun with that…pouring it on their cocks and spitting it at each other. Now they are both really hot and the feeling of a hot mouth on their cocks is getting to be too much!

MiamiBoyz – Hot ‘Gay 4 Pay’ Studs With Uncut Cocks


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter we introduce 2 of the sexiest models on the site to each other for the first time! Edgar is showing off his motorcycle to Alan. Although they have never met before today since they are both on our site we told Alan about Edgar’s big cock. Alan wants to see for himself so he asks to see it. Edgar says that it’s not hard so there is nothing to see but Alan has an idea – give him a little “help” so he offers him head!
We know that Edgar is straight but we also know that he doesn’t have a problem getting his big cock serviced by a guy since we have seen that before with Chico so we weren’t surprised when he agrees. It was more surprising is that straight boy Allan is going to suck cock! It’s so fucking hot watching these 2 amazing machos naked and fooling around! It’s even hotter to see Alan suck Edgar’s cock! Just wait until part 2 to see them both bust their nut…

MiamiBoyz – Alan and Omar – Bareback Fucking


Hot young Alan is quickly becoming the site superstar after we have seen him first in his hot premier solo video and then show that he can get down with another hot guy! This video he continues to show off his super hot body with his 6 pack abs and that amazing thick uncut cock only this time he’s messing around with super sexy bi-boy Omar! We have enjoyed watching Omar in action before and we told him that we wanted him back and to be with Alan he jumped at the chance. In part 1 they start out taking photos and it quickly turns into a hot cocksucking session – and then in part 2 Alan fucks Omar and you will get to enjoy watching his bare cock slide into Omar’s tight young asshole! Fuck him bareback Alan!

MiamiBoyz – Alan and Felix – Outdoor Cock Sucking


You have seen Alan in several episodes and his fan email keeps coming in so we keep inviting him back. This young macho has one of the most perfect bodies you can imagine! From his rugged serious looking face to his perfect (check out those pecs and 6 pack abs) to his rock hard ass! Felix has also been on the site in a solo shoot where he showed off his amazing body and cock but this is his first time being with another guy (on the site anyway)! He was really eager to do it once he found out it was going to be with Alan! Watch these two super hot young Latinos fucking around next to the stream in part 1 of this hot video!

MiamiBoyz – Omar and Kilo – Swallow My Load


We recently introduced you to hot young and hung Kilo last time and you got to watch his first time jerking off in front of a camera outside in the open. It was hot and he seemed to enjoy it so we thought it would be fucking hot to see him in action and we immediately thought of hot bi-boy Omar. We have seen Omar a few times and he have proven himself to be very versatile…being the top or being on the bottom and enjoying both sides! We arranged for them to meet for the very first time at a secluded outdoor location in the woods with a river and stream…nothing like the hot sun on that naked brown skin to get those cocks hard!