Mormon Boyz

MormonBoyz – The Calling: Elder Xanders – Pt. 1


While on his mission eighteen year old Elder Xanders had a falling out with Elder Sorenson. Sorenson seduced and fucked the boy senseless, then Sorenson reported him to the Brethren. The next day, Elder Xanders received a call to meet with President Nelson. Xanders knew that if word got out, he’d be shunned by his community and family…
President Nelson saw the beautiful young wisp of a boy walk into his office. Barely a young man, Xanders couldn’t have weighed more than 100lbs soaking wet. Nelson even wondered if the boy had gotten his pubes yet! (more…)

MormonBoyz – Elder Stewart – Setting Apart


Stewart’s submissiveness allowed for the Brethren to find endless rituals for the boy to complete. He possessed both the sweet innocence of a virgin boy and the hunger and drive to absolutely submit to the sexual desires of the men of the Order. Even though he was now a member of the Order, they were not going to pass on any chance to get the boy naked and fuck him senseless. (more…)

MormonBoyz – Elder Dobrovnik & Elder Farnsworth – Workover


Dobrovnik noticed Elder Farnsworth looking up from his folded hands. Dobrovnik continued to stay focused, stopping only when he felt the greenie’s hand gently move up his ass. Finally, Dobrovnik thought! He’d been waiting for something to happen, and it seemed that the two were going to become truly reacquainted. (more…)