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Gay Teen Studio – GTS – Gleb: Down By The Lake


Gleb is such a naughty boy..! The boy-next-door, Gleb, is naked and playing around in the lake behind your house again, Mister! I think he must be horny, too, because he’s walking around with a stiff dick, and I’m pretty sure I saw him playing it… By the way, I talked to your wife when she headed into town, and she asked me to remind you she’s gonna be spending every weekend at her Mom’s this summer…looks to me like you might be having a very good summer…(I’m just sayin’…)!! (more…)

EastBoys Photos – Kristian 3


Tasty Looking Fuckin’ Boy-Cock! Kristian is such a cute, sweet, beautiful, innocent looking young boy! I wanna be his ‘Daddy’! ‘Daddy’ wants to take Kristian home, strip him naked, and have his way with the boy.
‘Daddy’ wants to hold him, and kiss him, and squeeze him. ‘Daddy’ wants to suck the boy-cum from his stiff little dick! After he cums, ‘Daddy’s’ gonna spend the rest of the night tonguing and fucking the boy’s hot tight ass, then lying on my belly to take the boy’s hard cock and hot cum deep inside my ass! (more…)

Gay Teen Studio – GTS – Gleb + Valentine


If I had to choose which boys I consider to be the most beautiful on the planet, both Gleb and Valentine would rate right up there in my top-ten favorites. When I look at these photos of the two of them sucking and fucking each other, words like ‘Daddy’s Boys’ and ‘Brother-Fuckers’ dance naked across the innermost ‘secret’ recesses of my oh-so-dirty little mind… I wanna suck ’em, I wanna fuck ’em, I wanna be their ‘Daddy’!! (more…)