Twinks go for a Wild Threesome


Take one platinum blond, pierced Emo boy, a slender, chavvy lad from the neighbourhood and a petit, trendy twink. Crack open some pent-up, hormone-loaded sex drive and stir, wondering all the time who is going to bang whom? Who‘ll be the fucker, who’ll be the hole? The guys fuck in every possible position, and it all comes out with an unexpected result…

Benjamin Dunn Works Over Two Twink Asses

Benjamin Dunn Works

The young stable-hand Marty is lured into a hot threesome with his two workmates Daniel and Benjamin. Once they’ve gotten going the lads run wild over each other’s rock-hard bodies and throbbing cocks. Three twinks sucking, wanking and fucking the heat out of their nuts! Benjamin Dunn is king for a day and can take his pick, barefucking the solid bubble-butts however he wants.

18-year-old Taking Stable Boy’s Bare XL Cock

18-year-old On The Block

Around the farm it’s well known that stable boy Mischa has a mighty XL fuckpole in his pants and isn’t against hauling it out to use it. The new young farmhand Tim, a good-looking buck, has his eye on the meaty piece for his lunch break. Soon the two lads are working their fat cocks over in the stables, slurping and sucking so well that they almost lose their loads before they get to the fucking. 18-year-old Tim gets his hole licked good and long before Mischa stuffs his bare dong inside him and rides the kid’s ass to seventh heaven.