Sleeping Blond Gets Woken For A Big Dick Ride


Sexy twink Julian Fox interrupts his roommate Mike Branco’s study by climbing into his bed and giving him an early morning blowjob. In a few moments Branco is returning the favor, before Fox directs his aim at the blond boy’s sweet, hairless ass. After playfully rimming and fingering his roommate’s ass, Fox plows his big dick balls-deep in Branco’s tight young ass. Fox is clearly in ecstasy as his ass gets the stretching it craves.
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Flip-Flopping Footballers Get Their Balls Emptied


Ray Mannix is a boy who quite literally lives for cock, and Jacob Waterhouse is just as horned-up for dick as his pal! Waterhouse starts out by sniffing the hot, sweaty jockstrap Mannix is wearing, before unleashing the thick, meaty shaft of meat that’s straining within. Mannix quickly returns the favor by gobbling away on his mate’s ramrod with gusto! Soon Mannix is riding the handsome phallus reverse-cowboy style like a bitch in heat. After taking every inch that Waterhouse can muster, Mannix promptly buries his own shaft inside his pal’s hungry little ass! Cue a fantastic, no-holds-barred fuck that culminates in both boys sraying cum all over each other!

Brad Fitt Gets Two Facefulls of Cum



All this trio of beauties are interested in are each others firm young bodies, which they proceed to examine in close-up detail when they stumble upon an old house together.
Before you know it young, hairless blond, Brad Fitt, is stripped off and ready for action, which Marco Will and Zac Todd are all too clearly only eager and willing to provide! (more…)

Kris Blent Gets A French Cock Workout


Kris Blent plonks himself on Gabriel Angel’s lap, rides that French cock cowboy-style like a complete whore, then steps out of the saddle for a moment to greedily work the shaft with his mouth! The top-quality show continues as Blent returns to his favorite seat, lovingly impaling himself on his pal’s knob again! The lad is quickly at the point of no return – spewing his wad all over his belly. Blent then deep-throats Angel’s schlong, before slurping on the erupting crown for a well-deserved cum-load!

Horny Firefighter Cums To The Rescue


In this scenario, Martyn Fox and Danny Franklin pretend to be firemen. There’s a fire, Franklin is the rescuer, and Fox, the floppy-haired lad he’s come to rescue. The horny ‘firemen’ soon get down to the real business at hand, namely, fucking each others brains out! Fox gets Franklin out of his fireman’s uniform and pulls Franklin’s big, uncut hose out of his pants and slurps on that thick salami with real gusto. Franklin is clearly not adverse to a bit of cock-worship himself; as the two fellows switch positions. Moments later Franklin is fingering Fox’s pucker; before filling it with his aching shaft. Cue an unforgettable romp of mindless copulation resulting in both buddies spewing the deliciously sticky contents of their ripe ball-sacs all over each other!

A Flip-Flop Roll For Two Horned-Up Fuckers

18 ParkStrollBecomesAFlipFlopRollForTwoHornedUpFuckers

Online Video Clip: MP4
Fans of Tony Conrad will be in seventh heaven at the start of his latest episode, because he’s filmed being utterly natural and normal, walking in a park on a cold winter’s day. This heart-warming beginning is quickly transformed once he’s safely back in his apartment – the clothes come off, the sap quickly starts to rise and the lad is soon fingering his arse into a cum-churning fantasy, courtesy of the arrival of young Will Simon. From this point onwards it’s very much business as usual, with the newcomer quickly engaging in what can only be described as “worship” of Conrad’s handsome body. Mind, who the fuck can blame him?