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You only have to take one glance at this sumptuous pairing to realise that young Noah Matous wouldn’t ever stand a chance in any one-on-one contest between him and Shane Barret; although ironically it’s Matous who starts this scene as the more physical party, training away in the park whilst Barret encourages him from the sidelines. (more…)

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Physically speaking, you’d struggle to find two guys who were as different as Noah Matous and Benjamin Dunn – the one being a petite blond, the other a lanky brunet! However, as surely pretty much every STAXUS fan knows by now, in terms of their sexual preferences these two lads are a perfect match! (more…)

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It’s a storyline that’s as old as porn itself – the pizza delivery boy getting hit on by his horny, over-sexed customer – but what this terrific scene lacks in terms of originality it more than makes up for by the fact that the guy doing the delivering is none other than Noah Matous! No fucking wonder that Jonny Kingdom is so keen to “pay with his cock”, (more…)

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Noah Matous has been busy polishing his snowboard all morning, but his buddy, Erik Franke, clearly wants him to polish something else. Franke grabs hold of the boy’s hand and thrusts it into his pants in a brazenly open invitation! Matous is quickly stripped down and allowing his mate to orally pleasure him. The attention of both boys is now very firmly centered on each others crotches, as they take turns sucking and slurping like new-borns before positioning themselves in 69-position. This pairing only intensifies when they take turns fucking each other.
First Franke rides Matous’s stiff dick cowboy style, then Matous lies on his side and allows his mate to pound him from behind, then again on his back. Both lads seal the deal with energetic climaxes, most notably Franke over Matous’s face!