EastBoys FLV Videos – Set 01

NOTE: These Are FLV Videos – Flash Player Required – Click Photos to Download
22-EastBoys-Handjob-Part-02-Caravan-Boys-Jay-SheenEastBoys: Handjob Part 02 – Caravan Boys – Jay Sheen – FLV
Fun with Jay Sheen and his cock hard as a rock continues. After some outdoor fun Jay relocates into our RV, where more action is awaiting him. Watch Jay let it all out during massive handjob, which culminates with massive cumshot.
23-EastBoys-Handjob-Sweet-Twink-Jay-Part-02-Jay-SheenEastBoys: Handjob – Sweet Twink Jay – Part 02 – Jay Sheen – FLV
Sweet twink Jay is getting cock work-over, his cock hard and erect most of the time, Jay occasionally offering helping hand himself, and working towards common goal, nice cumshot! Camera is nice and detailed, and Jay is horny as fuck, as massive cumshot demonstrates!
24-EastBoys-POV-5-First-Time-Blowjob-Will-Simon-Jay-SheenEastBoys: POV 5 – First Time Blowjob – Will Simon & Jay Sheen – FLV
Jay Sheen is at first shy, but after few drinks he warms up quickly and becomes interested in Wills sizable cock, and starts stroking it, playing with it, being fascinated by it’s size. Finally he starts licking it and swallows it’s head fully, cock nicely filling his mouth. And this is just a beginning!
25-EastBoys-Casting-Sweet-Twink-Jay-Sheen-Part-01EastBoys: Casting – Sweet Twink Jay Sheen – Part 01 – FLV
And we have yet another new hottie for ya! We strive to make you happy, and Jay Sheen (no relation to Charlie Sheen) may be just what doctor ordered! Angelic face, stunning eyes, nice smooth athletic body with nice 6 pack, and wait till you see nice surprise hiding in the undies!
26-EastBoys-Skater-Boy-Gets-Handjob-part-2-Andre-LucasEastBoys: Skater Boy Gets Handjob part 2 – Andre Lucas – FLV
Oh, our skater boy Andre Lucas gets lots of attention from Mr. Hand Jobs and he enjoys every second of it, even helping to jerk off himself! Just pure pleasure to watch Andre and his cock to perform, oil up, jerk off, take little break playing with nipples and lets go again! Until the big moment of satisfaction finally comes!
27-EastBoys-Skater-Boy-Gets-Handjob-Andre-LucasEastBoys: Skater Boy Gets Handjob – Andre Lucas – FLV
Our cute and ripped skater boy Andre Lucas paid us a visit, and he showed us how to properly eat a banana, before Mr. Hand Jobs started slowly moving his hand over Andres hard as a rock ripped body… and Andre’s cock properly responded to that attention, as you will see!
NOTE: These Are FLV Videos – Flash Player Required – Click Photos to Download

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