French Twinks – Cum-Coated Initiation of 18 Year Old Nolan

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Chris Loan, Timothe Besse, Alexis Tivoli and Baptiste Garcia decided to give Nolan Lacroix a good hazing. The four boys blindfold the the 18-year-old twink and kneel him on the living room carpet. Chris, Baptiste, Timothe and Alexis then release their cocks and display them in front of Nolan’s mouth.
Nolan sucks each of the four beautiful dicks in turn, going from one to the other while jacking off. The young pledge is very talented at deep-throating and appreciates this bukkake. The four dominant twinks feast on this relaxing moment, kissing and fondling each other. They encourage Nolan to accelerate the pace until they are all ready to explode. Chris, Timothe, Alexis and Baptiste each sprinkle cum on the angelic face of Nolan with powerful and abundant ejaculations, including one oral.