FrenchTwinks – A Canadian Teen in Paris

Skyler Dallon, a cute young Canadian just 19 years old spent a few days on holiday in Paris. While he explores the french capital for the first time, he gets lost and asks for directions from two handsome strangers… Theo Ford and Anthony Sollis. Theo gets a few ideas in his head on what to do with the boy and offers to accompany him to the Eiffel Tower…
After a day of sightseeing, Skyler is exhausted and accepts Theo’s invitation to have a drink at his place. When Sykler asks if he can shower to cool off, Theo take the opportunity to accompany him! Skyler sucks Theo’s cock under the dripping water and the excitement between them mounts. Theo becomes quite interested in the boy’s tight little asshole and throws him down on the bed to lick his sweet ass. Skyler moans with pleasure from the deep rimming then Theo deeply fucks the boy’s ass with all his power. The boy’s moans only encourage Theo to pick up the pace and give even more power to his thrusts increasing the intensity of the fucking. For the grand finale Theo unload’s his balls fully all over Skyler’s face.
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