– Issue 10 – scene 1

Damian Chapelle and Nino Valens-Sex Scene 1–Click To Watch at!
Damian Chapelle and Nino Valens-Sex Scene 1Nino_Damian_0002Nino_Damian_0003Nino_Damian_0004Nino_Damian_0005
For this week’s issue, we selected Nino Valens and Damien Chapelle as your cover boys. This role reversal is surprising even for us. In this instance, Damien, the superior top, is bottoming, and Nino the higher-caliber bottom- is topping. Regardless of positions, they are a beautiful couple!
KinkyAngels is now! The Sexiest, Cutest, Prettiest Gay Boys on the Net!

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