– Issue 8 – scene 2

Orri Aasen & Igor Voronin – Sex Scene 2 – Click To Watch at!
Orri Aasen&Igor Voronin-Sex Scene 2OrriAasen_IgorVoronin_002OrriAasen_IgorVoronin_003OrriAasen_IgorVoronin_004OrriAasen_IgorVoronin_005
When we were asking you questions about a year ago regarding what you wanted to see in Freshmen, we promised to give you all the boys, even those who didn’t pass their finals with us. Igor Voronin is one of them. We shot 2 scenes with him, 1 of which you see here and then handed him over to Vlado Iresch. In case you are of a different opinion I am sure we can still shoot more with him.
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