Online Video Clips – 17

161-freshmennet-bob-marghiela-matt-thurmanIssue 76 Scene 2 – Bob Marghiela & Matt Thurman
Adam Archuleta and Luke Hamill have teamed up to bring us this scene today. Adam is trying his best to ‘direct’ the boys here, but I place “direct” in quotes as both boys only paid attention to their libidos, ignoring poor Adam’s instructions. Apparently hornyness leads to hearing impairment. This is Matt’s second scene here on Freshmen. He will be back near the end of April with an interview and solo.
162-freshmennet-kirk-gauguin-justin-saradonIssue 77 Scene 1 – Kirk Gauguin & Justin Saradon
Suspension of disbelief is required here as director Luke expects us to accept that Justin hasn’t managed to get Kirk into bed after five dates. A lack of money proves to be a break for Justin as the two boys have no choice but to either go for a walk, or home to fuck.
Kirk enthusiasts will see him soon with Hoyt in May’s Viva Colombia. Justin junkies will get their fix as he will be back here soon in a flip-flop scene with Jim Durden.
163-freshmennet-troy-jennings-nate-donaghyIssue 77 Scene 2 – Troy Jennings & Nate Donaghy
We brought you Troy as an extra Freshmen in March, just to see how you would like him. Since your response was overwhelmingly positive we decided to bring him back again this month for you in a scene with Nate Donaghy.
As it sometimes happens, newbies can overestimate their ‘staying power’ (or underestimate the pleasure of their partners dick) and end up cumming before anyone expects.
164-freshmennet-mael-kevinIssue 77 Scene 3 – Mael & Kevin
Our 3rd video this week is a bit different in that we have edited together Mael’s first jerk and first suck videos together for you.
They were both filmed with Kevin as the instructor, so we apologize for him for having missed the introduction as he was completely blown away by Mael’s skills and beauty. And lazy too!
165-freshmennet-matthieu-corne-jason-bacallIssue 78 Scene 1 – Matthieu Corne & Jason Bacall
Last month was your first look at Matthieu. This month brings his first scene with Jason Bacall as his partner. The endless hair debate raged again with his solos with a nearly even split between “Shave him” and “Don’t shave him”. The “Don’t shaves” narrowly won. I hope the “shave hims” will be able to take solace in his beautiful blue eyes and pert bubble butt. This is Matthieu’s first scene, so he starts off a little shy. However, Jason’s experienced hand (and mouth) soon overcomes Matthieu’s reluctance.
166-freshmennet-ian-roebuck-torsten-ullmanIssue 78 Scene 2 – Ian Roebuck & Torsten Ullman
Ian was first seen in a three-way with Helmut and Jerome on BelamiOnline last August. We felt it time for him to have a proper Freshmen introduction. Ian and Torsten are well-matched physically. Ian is slightly fairer and more hirsute than Torsten. They also both possess near limitless libidos as Ian loves getting fucked as much as Torsten loves fucking.
167-freshmennet-paul-sergeIssue 78 Scene 3 – Paul & Serge
This bonus scene, like the last one, comes with a small price. Namely, we would like feedback on our Newbie, Paul. Typically, our newbies prefer to bottom in their early scenes. However, Serge’s desire for dick upended protocol as he insisted on getting fucked. We have no doubt you’ll like the action here. We look forward to your thoughts on Paul.
168-freshmennet-peter-annaud-joaquin-arrenasIssue 79 Scene 1 – Peter Annaud & Joaquin Arrenas
Is the temperature in hell dropping? Has Phllipe Gaudin turned into the “responsible” one on a production shoot? That appears to be the case as Phillipe demands decorum when Joaquin and Peter get a little too horny in the house’s public area. Fortunately, they’re able to find a private room. The delayed gratification seems to only increase the boy’s horniness as the sex here is full on, high-energy, and passionate. When you combine a dick the size of Peter’s, with a desire to get fucked as urgent as Joaquin’s a memorable scene is guaranteed!
169-freshmennet-mateo-diaz-pip-caulfieldIssue 79 Scene 2 – Mateo Diaz & Pip Caulfield
This scene combines two of everyone’s favorite things: free pizza and a good fuck. Yes, the “Pizza boy” storyline is cliché. But even cliché is delicious when topped with our randy and cute Pip Caulfield and spiced up with our saucy and delicious Columbian, Mateo Diaz. Scrumptious! Our “Pizza boy”, Mateo, was introduced in edition 67 of Freshmen. We are happy to bring him back in this hardcore FM debut.
170-freshmennet-dario-martinezIssue 79 – Model of the Week – Dario Martinez
Our Colombian solo today is with Dario Martinex. Dario is full of classic Latino sexiness. We’re confident his full lips, mysterious dark eyes and lovely big dick will win some fans. We chose Dario as we needed a boy with bigger dick to compensate for Sven in the photo section here 😉
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