HM Boys – Sam – (Oh My Gawd) – Pt. 1

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Sam is my absolute favorite boy from HMBoys. The reason for that is…He looks almost exactly like my hot young Step-Brother, Dean. When I was in my very early teens, my mother re-married and I suddenly had a new Step-Brother. From the first moment I saw him, all I could think about was how much I wanted to kiss him, and suck his stiff young boy-cock! He was the same age as me, and so fucking beautiful!
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I found myself constantly needing to hide the boner in my jeans when he was around me.
At the same time, I was painfully shy, I had no idea how to let him know how I felt, and I was afraid everyone in my family would discover that I was bisexual. I had no idea what to do. Then, two days after he moved in, my mother decided that I should share my big bedroom with Dean. (She hoped I wouldn’t resent it. She hoped we’d be able to ‘get-along’ with one another).
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The very first night we spent alone together, I worked up the nerve to ask him if he had ever had his cock sucked by a boy. He hadn’t, but he decided he’d let me suck him, “if I wanted to.”
I unbuttoned his jeans, pulled down his briefs, cupped his firm buttocks in my hands, and proceeded to kiss and lick and suck his smooth boy-cock and balls. He lasted a good long time, and after he filled my mouth with boy-cum, he surprised me by pulling my face up to his, kissing me deeply, then dropping to his knees and taking my aching dick in his mouth. His mouth felt so good on my cock, I could barely stand, and when he made me cum, I felt like I was going to pass out.
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From that night on, after we both showered (sometimes together) Dean would walk naked up beside my bed, his stiff dick poking straight out from his belly, and ask simply “Wanna Suck?”, or (my favorite), “Wanna Fuck?” (and I’m a bottom).