Hot Office Guy Gets A Heavenly Bolt Up The Ass!

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Electrician Joshua Levy puts on an almost sickly display of charm towards office worker Martin Rivers, complementing him and giving suggestive looks. The young office worker soon finds himself to be putty in Levy’s hands; as the horny electrician gives a close examination of his buddy’s cock!
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Rivers then provides his own oral assessment, feasting on Levy’s handsome ramrod with eager relish! Soon Levy’s got him bundled over the desk and is rimming his tight little ass, before energetically thrusting every inch of his dick deep into the lad’s lucky pucker. What follows is a truly wanktastic display of boy-on-boy fucking, which ultimately sees Levy furiously pounding his mate down on the floor; and which eventually sees Rivers getting his rich reward in the form of an ass-load of jizz.
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Little wonder the fellow celebrates with a multi-shot wad of his own all over Levy’s still straining dick!