Hunter Gets His Hot Hole Stretched

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What begins as nothing more than three friends with their cocks out pissing in the snow soon becomes a horny threesome as they head inside turned on by the sight of those dicks. Hunter is quickly in the middle of things, being the slutty cock lover he is. With plenty of sucking and rimming he first opens up to take the big dick of handsome Roscoe, then slides his ass down on Jimmy’s immense length too! It’s not just a ride though, Roscoe is quickly coming in from the back and cramming his own shaft back into that fuckhole to give the greedy bottom some amazing double penetration! Their cocks frotting together in his ass has their loads building and with Jimmy thrusting into the boys hole with abandon Hunter can’t stop his jizz from erupting out over himself. As the smell of fresh semen hits Roscoe his dick erupts in a massive super squirter of semen splashing all the way across to hit Jimmy! He’s soon jerking out his mess in response, with a little ball licking to help him along. What an exhausting fuck for all involved, and for us too!