LatinBoyz – Gabriel Grant

19 year old Gabriel Grant admits he has a baby-face and loves to see the expression on other guys’ faces when he pulls out his thick cock and lets them know he’s an aggressive top that loves to fuck.
Despite being a top, he has no problem showing us his hot ass and admits he loves getting rimmed. He’s Dominican, and from New York. His tight toned body is natural. The only working out he does is fucking. What better exercise is there? Height: 5ft 9 inches Weight: 130 lbs. Dick: 8.5″ cut.
Members will have the pleasure of watching Gabriel bottoming for big dick stud Savior…


LatinBoyz – Gabriel Rides Savior’s Big Dick 01 Gif.


LatinBoyz – Gabriel Rides Savior’s Big Dick 02 Gif. – Smokin’ Hot Latino Boys with Big Fuckin’ Dicks!

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