MissionaryBoys – Elder Stewart – Ordination

The innocent-looking, but insatiable, Mormon boy knows what he’s in for when he’s finally called in for his ordination to be performed by Bishop Angus. What he doesn’t know is how long and hard the bishop will fuck him during this secret ceremony. Whenever Elder Stewart saw Bishop Angus, he knew his hole was about to be opened wide. The boy had gotten to know the priesthood leader intimately over their several encounters — he knew the older man’s odor, his taste, and every inch of his hairy, muscular body.
But the man’s mind remained a mystery to the boy. They met when he was new to the area, and back then the bishop had a lot to say. But that was short lived. And he never had much to say during their intense physical encounters, and what he did say consisted of precise ritual language and very clear, sometimes graphic, instructions.
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