MormonBoyz – Elder Lindsay & Elder Ricci – Companionship

mormonboyz_elder_lindsay_elder_ricci_companionship_001mormonboyz_elder_lindsay_elder_ricci_companionship_006mormonboyz_elder_lindsay_elder_ricci_companionship_005mormonboyz_elder_lindsay_elder_ricci_companionship_004Elder Lindsay hoped for an opportunity to seduce his hot missionary companion, Elder Ricci. But Ricci is one of those Mormon boys who follow all of the mission rules exactly without a single murmur or complaint.
But earlier in the day, Ricci slipped up. Elder Lindsay caught him covertly checking him out on the train, and as soon as they’re back in their bedroom, Lindsay uses his knowledge to pressure the other boy into confessing his secret sexual desires. Elder Ricci has never told anyone that he’s attracted to men. He has never explored his same sex attraction with another guy. The very thought scares him speechless. But suddenly, here is his handsome companion, confronting him with the fact that he lusted after another guy; his missionary companion, no less…mormonboyz_elder_lindsay_elder_ricci_companionship_003mormonboyz_elder_lindsay_elder_ricci_companionship_002Please Note: Mormon Boyz is a Fantasy site featuring fictional Daddy/Son Sex scenarios.mormonboyz-1787-horizontal-banner