MormonBoyz – Elder Oaks – The Calling

Elder Oaks has felt pleasurable tingles in his ass ever since his hunky companion, Elder Holland, fucked him raw one night. Oaks had been sleeping soundly on his stomach as he always did, when he felt the weight of the older boy covering his body. He opened his eyes, just in time to feel his companion Elder Holland prodding his hole with his thick shaft.
Elder Holland had been furious at Elder Oaks for avoiding punishment when they were caught fooling around and he exacted his revenge on Oak’s mouth and ass. To Oak’s surprise, he loved having no choice but to submit his body to Holland. Every time he thought about what had happened he got hard and desperately wanted to be overpowered again. And Elder Oaks had to admit, he did feel a little guilty that he got off scot-free while Holland was summoned to the Temple for a paddling by President Nelson…
Please Note: Mormon Boyz is a Fantasy site featuring fictional Daddy/Son Sex scenarios.

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