MormonBoyz – Elder Sorensen – Bonds of Brotherhood

Elder Sorensen has been an exemplary initiate. He has obediently sucked and fucked and serviced the Brethren for months, and he has loved every minute of it. But today, he is nearing the end of his initiation, and today is a very crucial step on the journey.
After being led into the Seed Chamber by President Oaks, the handsome head of the Order, Sorensen dropped to his knees and took the man’s pulsing dick in his mouth. He was so grateful to have the root of this man’s power sliding to the back of his throat. But now, it is time for President Oaks to bond Sorensen to him, forever. Oaks, the charismatic daddy, lies on the bed and commands Sorensen to take his powerful rod inside of him…
Please Note: Mormon Boyz is a Fantasy site featuring fictional Daddy/Son Sex scenarios.