MormonBoyz – Elder Sorensen & Elder Stewart – Companionship

Elder Stewart is the newest, and youngest, member of The Order. And the older men who administer the erotic rites of this secret Mormon priesthood have tasked the attractive boy with recruiting other potential initiates. Elder Stewart is the perfect boy for the job — he has a beautiful face, a giant cock, and a voracious sexual appetite. Any gay Mormon missionary would fall for him, so the brethren are confident that he’ll be able to bring many worthy young men into their ranks.
His first assignment is to investigate the mission’s newest Mormon boy, Elder Sorensen. He has been shown pictures of Sorensen, and Stewart thinks the greenie might just be the cutest missionary he has ever seen. He’s nervous to take the initiative with this boy, but he really wants to please his priesthood leaders, and he’s really excited by the idea of having sex with this beautiful boy.
Please Note: Mormon Boyz is a Fantasy site featuring fictional Daddy/Son Sex scenarios.