MormonBoyz – Elder Sorensen – The Calling

Elder Sorensen has been in a lot of unusual positions during his service as a Mormon missionary, but none stranger than finding himself buck naked on all fours on top of President Nelson’s desk. Not that he minds. The boy is proud to have been called to undergo this inspection preparatory to his membership in The Order.
And as the handsome older man inspects his body, the boy is confident he’ll pass this test. He has never had any problem pleasing the boys and men in the mission, and although President Nelson wears a perfect poker face, Sorensen knows the man must be turned on by his lean body and his hairless hole. Sorensen is turned on, too. The man’s hands are enormous, and every time they touch his naked flesh, the boy’s skin tingles…
Please Note: Mormon Boyz is a Fantasy site featuring fictional Daddy/Son Sex scenarios.